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  Aetna Connecticut Health Insurance Plans

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eHealthInsurance works with Aetna for individual health insurance. Select the company name to view its profile and learn more about that company. Listed with company are a sample of individual health insurance plans. You will need to get a quote to find out which plans are available for you.

CT Aetna Advantage 5750 PD

Deductible: $5,750, Coinsurance: 0%

CT Aetna Advantage 6350 PD

Deductible: $6,350, Coinsurance: 0%

CT Aetna AdvantagePlus 5500 PD

Deductible: $5,500, Coinsurance: 10%

CT Aetna Basic PD

Deductible: $6,350, Coinsurance: 0%

CT Aetna Classic 3500 PD

Deductible: $3,500, Coinsurance: 20%

CT Aetna Classic 5000 PD

Deductible: $5,000, Coinsurance: 30%
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