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  What kinds of services do you provide?
eHealthInsurance is a licensed health insurance agency and the leading online source for individuals, families and small businesses purchasing health insurance. We have insured over 3,000,000 customers nationwide. We offer a broad selection of health insurance plans from many of the nation's leading health insurance companies, and deliver a customer experience that can't be beat. Thanks to our innovative website, simple online tools, and the knowledgeable representatives and licensed health insurance agents that staff our customer care center, you'll discover that health insurance can be attainable and affordable.

Our website empowers individuals, families and small businesses by offering convenient access to affordable insurance plans and information to make the right choice in purchasing health insurance. After providing your zip code and some basic information about yourself, your family or your business, you'll receive free quotes, compare plans side by side, and apply for coverage online. Whenever you have a question or need personal assistance, you can contact one of our licensed health insurance agents for the answers and unbiased advice you need to make the most of your insurance dollars.

Once you've submitted your application for coverage, we'll work with the health insurance company you've selected to expedite the approval process. Even after you purchase a health insurance plan, we'll continue to address your questions and concerns, to serve as your advocate with the health insurance company, and to help you with all your future health insurance needs. At eHealthInsurance you've found your health insurance solution.
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