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  What kinds of products do you offer?
We offer a broad selection of health insurance products and options to choose from:
  • Individual and Family Health Insurance. Singles and families should take a look at our individual and family health insurance plans. If you don't get your health insurance coverage through an employer, an individual and family health insurance plan is your standard, private market option.
  • Small Business Health Insurance. We offer group health insurance plans for small businesses and organizations (2-50 employees).
  • Short-Term Health Insurance. If you're in need of temporary coverage, you'll want to take a look at our short-term health insurance plans. Obtaining short-term coverage is quick and easy and though it's not a long-term solution, short-term coverage can protect you while you're between jobs or after you graduate from college.
  • Student Health Insurance. Full-time college students and their parents will want to explore our student health plan options for valuable protection and savings.
  • Dental Insurance. We provide dental insurance options priced to fit most budgets.
  • Dental Discount Cards. As an alternative to standard dental coverage, we offer Dental Discount Cards. Though not an insurance plan, these cards can provide you with deep discounts from local dentists on many dental procedures.
  • Health Savings Accounts. At eHealthInsurance you'll also find Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and HSA-compatible health insurance plans. Our website is one of the premier sources for HSA information and products online.
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