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  What's the difference between Dental insurance and Discount Cards with dental discounts?
In addition to dental insurance, we carry Discount Cards that provide discounts for dental care. Although these cards are not a form of insurance, they will provide you with discounts for dental services when you visit a participating dentist.
Key Differences
Dental Insurance
Discount Cards with Dental Discounts
Who pays for services
You pay monthly premiums, deductible and co-pay/coinsurance (see below); the insurance company pays dentist directly for remainder of charges.
You must pay the dentist directly at the time dental services are rendered. The Discount Card does not pay any money to the provider. You also pay a monthly membership fee to the discount program in exchange for discounted rates at participating dental providers.
Discounted Rates at Selected Providers
PPO plans have pre-negotiated discounted rates with selected providers.
Indemnity plans allow you to see any dentist, and, as such, do not have discounted rates at selected providers.
Offers discounted rates at participating dental providers.
Note: Can be used in conjunction with Dental Insurance Indemnity plans.
Typically has a deductible, i.e., insurance company may not start paying for services until your dental expenses reach a certain dollar amount.
No deductible - Discounts are available at first visit to dentist.
After deductible is met, you may need to pay a nominal amount (e.g., $10) per office visit or a percentage (e.g. 20%) of the cost of a larger procedure. Insurance company typically pays for remainder of charges.
Not applicable - For a given service, participating dentists will charge you the contracted discounted rate that has been pre-negotiated.
Waiting Period
Many dental insurance plans require you to be a policyholder for 6 to 18 months before paying for major dental services.
Not applicable - Since no waiting periods apply.
Annual Maximum Benefit
Most dental insurance plans will only cover up to certain amount per member per year (e.g., $1,000). After that cap is reached, you are responsible for all dental expenses.
Not applicable - You and your family members can use your discount program membership as often as you need.
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