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  What is the best health insurance plan for my company?
At eHealthInsurance we know it can be confusing and frustrating trying to find the right group health insurance plan for your business. Many people may not understand exactly how health insurance works and may not be familiar with health insurance terminology.
The best way to help yourself decide which plan is best for your business is to understand the health care needs and financial constraints that you and your employees face. To get started, you and your employees should answer these questions:
  • How often do you utilize medical services?

  • Will you need coverage for benefits such as prescription drugs, chiropractic care or maternity?

  • Is coverage for preventive care checkups important to you or are you more concerned about coverage in case of a major injury or illness?

  • What kind of monthly premium can you afford?

  • What kind of deductible, if any, are you willing to pay on an annual basis before your coverage begins?

  • Is it important to you to be able to see any doctor you want to, or are you willing to work within a provider network or through a primary care physician?

Once you have an understanding of your health care needs and your financial constraints, you'll be more prepared to examine the benefits and costs of the plans offered in your area. For example, you may want to avoid a health insurance plan that offers benefits that you and your employees never use since these unnecessary benefits may translate into higher premiums. If you're looking at a health insurance plan that requires you to use the insurance company's network of doctors and hospitals, you may want to make sure that your current doctor --if you have one-- is on the list and that network facilities are located near your home or office.
If you're looking for an answer to a specific question, or if you just want some advice to help you narrow down your options, please contact our Customer Care Center. We have licensed professionals available to help you with just this kind of issue. You can reach a Customer Care representative Mon - Fri, 9am-7pm EST at 877-456-6670. If you prefer, you can also send us an email.
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