Three key benefits of eHealth medical insurance packages

There are three key benefits that make eHealth medical insurance packages better than other packages available in the market today. eHealth’s medical insurance packages offer you:

  1. Impressive affordability compared to major medical insurance – save up to 20-50%!
  2. Unsurpassed convenience with a single monthly premium and claims process.
  3. Insight from online tools explaining your benefits and tracking your claims.

Let’s look at each of these benefits in more detail.


Many shoppers turn to medical insurance packages because they simply can’t afford major medical health insurance coverage in today’s post-Obamacare market. And when you consider the cost of standard major medical insurance, you’ll see why.

According to eHealth’s Health Insurance Price Index Report for the 2017 Open Enrollment Period, the national average monthly premium for individual major medical coverage among unsubsidized shoppers was $378 per month! For an unsubsidized family of four, the national average monthly premium was $1,195! And cost are predicted to increase significantly for 2018 coverage!

Though medical insurance packages don’t provide the same level of coverage as major medical insurance, the average monthly cost of eHealth’s medical insurance packages is significantly lower. There are different eHealth medical insurance packages to choose from, and costs may vary depending on where you live, but your combined monthly premiums may save you 20%-50% compared to major medical coverage*.

*Because actual rates are based on geographic, demographic, and other factors, your rates and savings may differ from the national averages.


eHealth’s branded medical insurance packages offer you a level of convenience that we don’t believe is available anywhere else.

With other medical insurance packages, you’re often required to fill out more than one application, pay multiple application fees, pay separate monthly premiums for each plan or product in the package, and file separate claims for separate lines of coverage when you’re due for medical reimbursement.

At eHealth, we’ve fixed this problem.

When you apply for an eHealth medical insurance package, you will fill out a single application that includes all the separate lines of coverage and separate products in your package. You’ll make a single monthly payment to keep all lines of coverage up to date. And when you receive medical care, you’ll only need to file your claims with one processor.

We take care of the rest!

A single application

A single billing system

A single claims process

Insight into your benefits

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go online to look up all your past claims, make sure new claims are being processed, and check to see which benefits you’ve used and which are still available to you?

With eHealth-branded medical insurance packages, you can do exactly that. We’ve partnered with Loomis, the leading online claims processing and benefit web tool, to provide you with the insight that’s so often missing from the typical health insurance experience*.

When you enroll, you’ll get a personal dashboard where you can review your claims online to make sure they’re being processed or to print claims statements. You’ll also be able to review the benefits that you’re paying for and which of them you’ve used so far. You can even look up network medical providers to make sure you’re getting the most out of your insurance.

*Each plan and product within each package is administered or underwritten by the specific company mentioned for each plan or product.