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Will Medicare Advantage Plans Cover Costs to Clean My House?

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Are you in need of house-cleaning services to improve your health and reduce your asthma symptoms? While basic Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t offer coverage for this service, some Medicare Advantage plans might in certain cases.

Some Medicare Advantage plans could include limited house-cleaning services in some situations, thanks to new flexibility in what plans may offer.

House-cleaning services: what do Medicare Advantage plans cover under new rules?

Beginning in 2019, Medicare Advantage plans are allowed to cover more services. While Medicare may not pay for your home to be cleaned top to bottom, Medicare Advantage plans may cover specific house-cleaning services if you have a condition like asthma. These could include:

  • Home air cleaners
  • Carpet shampooing to reduce lung irritants

Other new Medicare Advantage options might include support for family caregivers, non-medical transportation, and adult day care programs.

Although some new guidelines went into effect in 2019, few plans will be adding those services for the current year, according to AARP. However, more Medicare Advantage plans might add benefits like specific  house-cleaning services for those chronically ill in 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CMS).

House-cleaning services vs. home health services under Original Medicare

Medicare might cover limited home health services when they’re medically necessary and you meet certain criteria.

When you need home health services beyond house-cleaning services, you will want to know what Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare) covers. This would typically be if you were recently out of the hospital, for example. If you meet certain qualifications, Medicare Part A and/or Part B might cover:

  • Skilled nursing care (part-time or intermittent)
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medical social services
  • Home health services (part-time or intermittent)
  • Speech pathology services

To be eligible for these services, your doctor must certify you are homebound and in need one or more of these services. In addition to creating the plan, your doctor must also review it regularly to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. The service provider you choose also needs to be Medicare-certified.

There may be additional services you need that are not included in your Original Medicare coverage, such as house-cleaning services. However, there may be new options for what Medicare Advantage plans may cover to provide you with more benefits.

House-cleaning services: what are homemaker services?

Homemaker services are not included in Original Medicare coverage. Medicare defines these services as “shopping, cleaning, and laundry.” If you cannot perform these tasks yourself due to illness, injury, or physical disability, then the cost of laundry and house-cleaning services would typically fall on you, since Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover them.

Shop around for Medicare Advantage plans that may include house-cleaning services 

Medicare Advantage plans are an alternative to way to get Original Medicare, covering everything included in Medicare Part A and Part B. The only exception is hospice care, which is always covered under Part A. Medicare Advantage plans also cover additional benefits in most cases, such as routine dental and vision care.

As you’ve learned, new guidelines will allow Medicare Advantage plans to cover an even broader spectrum of services and benefits, which may include house-cleaning services under some plans. These new options make it more important than ever to shop around for your Medicare Advantage plan to make sure you find the coverage package that meets your needs best.

If you would like to begin comparing Medicare Advantage, feel free to use our plan comparison tool. Simply enter your zip code and click on the link. The tool will walk you through the process, step by step.

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