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2020 Open Enrollment Period in Virginia (Obamacare)

Updated on November 05, 2019


The national open enrollment period applies in Virginia. You may apply for major medical health insurance in Virginia during the open enrollment period which runs from November 1st through December 15th 2019.
The last day to apply for insurance for the 2020 coverage year is December 15th in Virginia.
Not from Virginia? See a list on open enrollment dates for every state. Keep reading to learn more about the Open Enrollment Period in Virginia.

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How much does health insurance cost in Virginia?

The below numbers are based off of the lowest priced plan for a single 40-year-old woman living in Virginia.

Zip, City, State  Lowest Cost Major Medical Plan at on 9/24/2019  Lowest Cost
90-Day Short-Term Plan on 9/24/2019
  Lowest Cost 12-Month Short-Term Plan at on 9/24/2019
Richmond, Virginia

How do I get cheap health insurance in Virginia?

  1. Assess your personal needs:Do you need Rx coverage? Do you have a doctor you like? It is wise to consider the healthcare services you have – and, if applicable, your family – has received in the past. Think about any large healthcare services – such as surgeries or other expensive procedures – that you may want to schedule for the upcoming year.
    These are important things to consider when choosing a health insurance plan that will protect both your, and your family’s,health and your wallet.
  2. Research available options in your Virginia:Start at to compare Obamacare plans, short-term plans and other alternatives.
  3. Understand which options you can qualify for: You can enroll in any Obamacare plan during Open Enrollment in Virginia. For short-term health insurance and other medical insurance alternatives, you can apply any time, but you typically need to answer medical questions and may be declined. Keep in mind that you may apply outside of open enrollment if you have experienced something called a qualifying life event which triggers a special enrollment period. If you experience a qualifying life event, you will have a 60-day period to enroll in major medical health insurance.
    Keep in mind that you will have to prove that you’ve experienced one of these life events. You can read more about special enrollment periods on eHealth’s resource center.
  4. See if you qualify for discounts: ACA plans may be available to you with a tax credit, which can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on monthly premiums. Tax credits are only available for ACA plans, which can be bought during the Open Enrollment Period in Virginia. Keep in mind that in order to qualify for these tax credits, you will need to meet income requirements.
  5. Make sure your prescriptions are covered: provides a prescription drug coverage comparison tool that helps you find the plan that covers your drugs with the lowest out-of-pocket cost.
  6. Make sure your doctor is covered:eHealth has a physician finder tool that lets you compare plans using your preferred doctor. This will help make sure whatever plan you choose is within network. Keeping preferred providers is a very important factor when shopping for health insurance.
  7. Enroll online: eHealth makes it easy to complete your health insurance application online, even if you qualify for a tax credit.

What health insurance companies sell individual health insurance policies during Open Enrollment in Virginia?

Insurers in Virginia with Plans Available on eHealth.comShort-Term Health InsuranceMajor Medical Health InsuranceMedical Insurance Packages
Companion Life InsuranceYesNoNo
Independence AmericanYesNoYes
National General Accident & HealthYesNoNo
United HealthcareYesNoYes
Optima HealthNoYesNo
Cigna Health Plans   

How much can people in Virginia save on their out-of-pocket prescription drug costs with a major medical health plan? The average person using eHealth’s Rx drug tool saved $1,600 on out-of-pocket drug costs by having an Obamacare plan, according to the latest research.
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