3 Steps to Understanding Medical Insurance Packages (eBook)

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3 Steps to Understanding Medical Insurance Packages (eBook)

Published on July 07, 2017



If you can’t afford or don’t qualify for traditional major medical health insurance, you may want to consider packaged medical insurance to help protect you from unexpected medical costs. Packaged medical insurance is a way of conveniently bundling together several different insurance products which may also be purchased separately.
These products may include short-term health insurance plans, gap insurance plans, fixed indemnity medical insurance plans, dental and vision insurance plans, and more.
To learn more about how packaged medical insurance could work for you, eHealth has created this 3 Steps Guide to Understanding Medical Insurance Packages.
The booklet is packed with helpful information and simple infographics that you can print off or save online, to help you understand how these products work together to provide medical protection.

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