4 Benefits of Travel Insurance

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4 Benefits of Travel Insurance

Published on December 08, 2014


TravellingUSA Today estimated that some 25 million people would fly, and another 45 million would drive to visit relatives or take a vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday. Similar numbers are expected around the Christmas break.
If you are planning to travel, you’re likely also prepared to deal with holiday travel headaches. According to TravelFreak.com, the four biggest mistakes made by holiday travelers are:

  1. Not making copies of important travel documents.
  2. Not packing your essential items in your carry-on bag
  3. Not purchasing travel insurance
  4. Not bringing a list of emergency numbers

While we can’t help you with items 1, 2 and 4, we can help you with travel insurance. If you’ve never bought it in the past, here are some benefits you should be aware of:

  1. Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs: Foreign hospitals are not going to accept your American medical insurance card and when you’re in another country, medical bills can reach multiple thousands of dollars quickly. Most people have to settle those bills with cash or credit. This is where travel insurance helps out, because policies typically pay your up-front costs and then negotiate reimbursement with your health insurance provider after you’re safely back in the Unites States. Most plans let you select the dollar limit on your coverage, and the size of the deductible you want as well.
  2. Help with Medical Translation: It’s hard enough to understand medical terminology in the United States, but when you’re in a foreign country, communicating with doctors, nurses and hospital administrators can be extremely challenging. Making decisions about treatment when you don’t know what the doctor is saying can also be a problem. Travel insurance companies typically have armies of translators who can help you bridge language gaps and culture gaps so that it’s easier to get the care you need.
  3. Long-Term Hospitalization: What if an injury or illness made it impossible for you to fly home? A nice perk of travel insurance is that plans often help you cover immediate costs you incur in another country while hospitalized.
  4. Emergency Family Extraction: While you’re overseas, if you need to fly home early, because of a major emergency or some foreign disaster, travel insurance plans can help you get home safely and quickly. What’s more, if one or more members of your family is unable to return to the U.S. due to an injury or other medical problem, travel insurance plans can pay for the rest of the family to travel home while the remaining family member is being treated.

Be aware that travel insurance plans are not traditional major medical health insurance plans, like those most of us have here in the United States.
But if you understand what’s covered and what’s not, you’ll agree that travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your family while vacationing overseas.
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