4 Ways to Get in Shape for Ski Season

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4 Ways to Get in Shape for Ski Season

Published on December 08, 2014


Ski4 Ways to Get in Shape for Ski Season

Flipping on the weather channel during this time of year is exciting. Reports of flurries, winter wonderlands and downright blizzards abound – and most importantly (for those of us who love to hit the slopes) – the SKI report!
Are you gearing up for a ski vacation this winter? Although it may seem like something you can just “wing,” those of us who spend a lot of time on skis during the winter know differently. Whether it’s your first time trying it or just your first time back this season, skiing isn’t just a fun activity: it’s a full body workout.
So before you hit the slopes, don’t miss these killer exercises to get back into skiing shape. Your body will thank you for it later!

Four great exercises for skiing

Lunges – The first stop on your way to skiing fitness? Your quads. These guys are turned on big time when you take a run down the course. Quad muscles hold you in position and provide protection for your knees as you head downhill. A great way to work this muscle group is the tried and true lunge. Work up to doing 20 on each leg, three times total.  Want to take it up a notch?  Try doing them up a flight of stairs.
Wall sits – There’s a reason skiers are known for their butts. Glutes help stabilize your body while skiing and enable you to power through those extra long downhill runs. To whip your glutes into shape, do wall sits or simply hold the squat position for 30 seconds at a time. Whether you’re in the wall sit position or squatting unassisted, see if you can work up to a full minute in the squat position.
Side Lunges – Working the inner and outer thighs might be embarrassing at the gym (let’s face it, most of the exercises that hit this muscle group can garner a few giggles from your workout buddy). But when it comes to skiing, inner and outer thigh strength is nothing to laugh at. These muscles keep your body stable and help you steer. Work these guys by doing side lunges or swiss exercise ball squeezes.
Planks – Last but not least: core. Although it might not be sorest muscle you’ll have after a day on the slopes, your abs work like a maniac as you ski to stabilize your back and protect your spine. A great way to work your abs is to hold them in contraction – and when it comes to these kinds of exercise, there’s no better one than planks. See if you can work up to a full minute! 
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