5 Questions To Ask About Your Health Plan Before A Summer Travel

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5 Questions To Ask About Your Health Plan Before A Summer Travel

Published on August 05, 2015


Summer Travel and Health PlansHoly cow it’s August!
Summer always seems to fly by, especially when you’re a kid. And, with the 2015/2016 school right around the corner, many mom’s and dads may be hearing their kids that they want to take one last vacation before the new school year begins.
Most Americans – and most American families – get their health insurance coverage from a small or mid-sized employer. If you’re one of those families AND you’re thinking about a vacation, you have never really thought about what you would do if someone in your family got seriously sick or injured, while you were on vacation.
If you’re guilty of never thinking about medical care while traveling, you’re not alone and you don’t need to worry. We checked in with one of our licensed small group health insurance agents and asked a few questions about how travel insurance works if you work for a small company.

Q&A Session with eHealth “Small Group” Agents

Question: If a person has employer-based health insurance coverage and will be traveling out of state for business or pleasure. Will their health insurance plan cover them?
Answer: Small group health insurance plans will always cover an emergency while traveling within in the United States. And, a small group health insurance plans will always cover an emergency while traveling within in the United States.
But, before you take a trip, it’s a good idea to talk to your HR department or insurance company and ask them to explain how your coverage works out of state.
Most health insurance policies have a specific list of providers that are in the network for covered services. Out-of-network coverage may not always be available.

5 Questions You Need Answered Before You Go on a Trip Outside the U.S.:

  1. Question: What is my  health insurance company’s phone number? If you don’t know what your benefits are outside the U.S., you should find out before you leave the country. You also want to make sure you know which number to call inside and outside of the U.S. if you need medical help.
  2. Question: Can my health plan help me with medical translation while I’m in another country? Trying to talk to a doctor, nurse or hospital administrator is hard enough in the U.S., so imagine what its like in another country. How would you make a treatment decision for yourself or child if you didn’t know what the doctor was saying or what the cost of the procedure might be?
  3. Question: Does my health insurance plan cover my out-of-pocket medical costs while I’m in another country? Foreign medical bills could quickly add up to thousands of dollars. If a foreign hospital does not take your American medical insurance card, what should you do?
  4. Question: Does my employer’s health plan cover long-term hospitalization? If you or a loved-one were injured on your trip and the injuries made it impossible for you to fly home, would your health insurance company pay to bring you back to the U.S.? If not, would they pay for your care while in this foreign hospital?
  5. Question: Will your health insurance plan cover emergency family extraction? In the face of a major emergency while traveling overseas, if you or a family member needed to fly home early, would you health plan help you get home safely and quickly? If one or more members of your family is unable to return to the U.S. due to an injury or other medical problem, would you health plan pay for the rest of the family to travel home while the remaining family member is being treated?

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