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Customer Spotlight: Thomas Miller

Published on September 03, 2015


Health Insurance Customer ThomasTom is a 36-year-old, self-employed musician and sound engineer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Life has been a bit chaotic for Tom this last year. After his divorce, Tom had to buy his own insurance because he had been covered by his wife’s employer’s plan.
He has short-term insurance for about $100 a month and did it all online. Like many other consumers, Tom was totally unaware that his short-term plan was not ACA- compliant and that he would most likely have to pay a tax penalty. He was not at all thrilled to hear that this was happening, but made sure to take down the dates of the next open enrollment season to sign up for ACA-compliant insurance.

So why is health insurance important to Tom?

Tom will not go without health insurance because of the “what might happen” scenario. A musician buddy of his was very conscientious about always having health insurance for more than 10 years. However, a couple of years ago he was between jobs and didn’t have insurance for about 2 weeks. Naturally, that is when his friend’s lung collapsed and he is now paying back the $80,000 that he was billed for the hospital, docs, medication, therapy, etc. (Yikes!)

What advice would Tom give to someone who is in need of a new health plan?

“There are so many options out there, so I would say choose what’s best for your lifestyle, family and/or business. You should definitely adjust your health insurance as you grow. I don’t think one particular plan fits all, and I was glad to learn how customizable investing in health insurance could be. There was a time not too long ago that this was either unaffordable or simply impossible.”
Music has always been very important to Tom. Raised in a military family, Tom found music to be his home.  Moving every 3-4 years was difficult to cope with, but music was always there to always keep him busy and at peace. He’s very happy that he can now call Raleigh, NC his home.
As well as being a part-time audio technician for the North Carolina Symphony at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Tom currently plays for three bands: Leeward Fate, Michael Daughtry Band, and most recently Down by Five. He has also sat in with notable artists such as Marillion and toured with Jimi Jamison (ex-Survivor), opened up for KC & The Sunshine Band, Regina Belle, T-Pain and LIVE to name a few.
Tom favorite bands include Rush, Marillion, The Who and Porcupine Tree, but most of his inspiration comes from spending time alone in the outdoors, especially the Adirondacks.
3 words to describe Tom’s music: Honest, energetic and passionate.
If you enjoy Rock, Pop, Folk, or Progressive Rock, check out Tom and his bands!
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