eHealth Turns 20!

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eHealth Turns 20!

Published on June 21, 2017


Some of our competitors (like the government-run insurance exchanges) only recently got into the business of selling health insurance online – but at eHealth we’ve been at it since the beginning.
In fact, we were the beginning. eHealth was founded in 1997, when the Internet was still a baby, and our technology was responsible for the first-ever online sale of an individual and family health insurance plan.
For the past twenty year’s we’ve been working hard to make the health insurance shopping experience more transparent and to empower shoppers like you to find the best possible health insurance plan for your very personal health needs and budget.
Here are just a few of our accomplishments on the way:

  • First online applications – Way back in 1999 eHealth put health insurance applications online for the first time ever.
  • Side-by-side plan comparisons – eHealth was the first online health insurance broker to launch a proprietary tool allowing shoppers to compare the costs and benefits of different health insurance plans side by side.
  • Plans accepted by your doctor – Back in 2006 (the same year we had our initial public offering of stock on NASDAQ) we launched a tool allowing shoppers to see which health insurance plans are accepted by their preferred doctors and hospitals.
  • Mobile shopping – eHealth has a responsive mobile website to help people shop for their next health plan while on the go.
  • Medicare insurance coverage – eHealth has been helping people find affordable coverage for all of life’s stages since it first entered the Medicare insurance market in 2010.
  • Optimized prescription drug coverage – With eHealth’s drug coverage comparison tool, you can enter your personal drug regimen and see which health insurance plans is estimated to save you most on your prescriptions.
  • Consumer advocacy – Before the Obamacare bill was signed into law, eHealth was on the front lines in Washington, D.C. advocating for the needs of real-life health insurance shoppers, and we continue to do so today as new reforms are proposed.
  • Matching millions of consumers with the health coverage they need – Our biggest accomplishment has always been helping you find the health insurance you need, at a price that can’t be beat by shopping elsewhere.

It’s been a great twenty years. Thank you so much for being a part of it.
And thank you most of all for allowing us to help you and your family find the health insurance you need!
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