Facing both high premiums and high deductibles for your health insurance?

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Facing both high premiums and high deductibles for your health insurance?

Published on March 18, 2015


Updated June 27, 2019
At eHealth, we want you to be happy with the health plan you buy. After all, we’re only in business because customers like our service.
Our services are free to you, and insurance plans have the same regulated price no matter where you buy them. This means that shopping at eHealth comes at absolutely no extra cost to you.
Not only does eHealth help you find your health insurance plan at no extra cost, but we’re your advocates throughout the whole process—even after you’ve enrolled in your plan.

Is anyone happy with their health insurance plan?

So how do Americans feel about their health insurance nationally? Are they satisfied? Do they feel that their insurance is affordable?
According to findings from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the cost of health care is a huge concern for Americans. KFF poling indicates that health care costs top the public’s concern when it comes to issues surrounding healthcare.
While most people have reported that it is easy (either “very easy” or “somewhat easy”) to afford the routine costs of health insurance – such as their premiums and deductibles. Some people, about one-third, of those insured say that it is either “very difficult” or “somewhat difficult” to pay the cost of their deductible.
In poll conducted by the KFF before the 2018 general election, KFF found that over a 4th (27%) of people wanted to hear candidates talk about health care costs more than any other issue surrounding health care.

Coverage factors was a large concern for many Americans in 2003 according to the KFF, however now Americans have shifted to be more concerned on cost-related factors – such as the cost of premium, copays, and deductibles.

What can be done about the cost of health insurance?

At eHealth, we’re not an insurance company, so we can’t control the prices or deductibles, but we are the nation’s largest private online marketplace for health insurance.
We are unbiased as a company, we help you decide what product is best for you. We’re here to help no matter which health insurance plan you purchase!

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Other health insurance products

Source: eHealth
We hear the high deductible complaint often. We also hear from customers who say, “Even if I could pay my deductible, if I’m sick and I miss work, I can’t pay my bills!”
If this is a concern for you, we encourage you to look at Critical Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance.
Accident InsuranceBenefits vary from plan to plan, but these plans typically pay you directly when you experience a qualifying injury covered by your policy. For a relatively low monthly premium – which according to eHealth’s data is about $34 on average for Individuals and $63 on average for a family – these types of plans typically pay the policyholder cash when they have a qualified claim.
Critical Illness Insurance: Plans make payments to customers when they’re diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy – like heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Plans typically range from $25 – $50 per month for an individual.

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