Is Health Insurance Sexy?

Affordable Care Act

Is Health Insurance Sexy?

Published on February 12, 2015


Valentine’s Day is Saturday; Sunday is the final day of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) enrollment period. So, if you find yourself uninsured and dateless on Valentine’s Day, the good news is that you’ve got 24 hours to sign-up for a health insurance plan before the deadline on 2/15/2015. And, if you do get insured, you’ll be more attractive to roughly half of men (52%) and women (46%), according to an eHealth email survey of over 890 eHealth customers who purchased a new health insurance plan in January of 2015.
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Hope for the Dateless and Uninsured

While the science is shaky, the sentiment in the new eHealth study made it clear that love means never having to say, “I missed the Obamacare enrollment deadline.” We asked customers to assume they were single, and tell us if they would find a potential mate more attractive if they knew that mate had health insurance coverage. Not so surprising that about half (49%) of all respondents said yes. Perhaps more surprising is that the sex appeal of health insurance seems to be declining over time.

The Declining Sex Appeal of Health Insurance

  • 2011: 93% say health insurance is sexy: 90% of college students and recent graduates said they would be more attracted to a potential mate if he or she had health insurance 1 in a study that eHealth sponsored.
  • 2014: 65% say health insurance is sexy: By 2014 an eHealth customer survey found only 65% of consumers reporting that a potential mate would be more attractive if they knew he or she was insured2.
  • 2015: :49% say health insurance is sexy: Per this latest report, only 49% of eHealth customers still say that knowing a potential mate is insured, has a chance to boost their libido3.


Why is Health Insurance Sexy?

The sex appeal of health coverage may have diminished over time (maybe the fact that Americans are now legally mandated to have it), but the underlying theme persists:  people are attractive when they’re financially responsible. In the past twelve months, this theme of fiscal responsibility has surfaced in multiple studies that show both men and women are attracted to people who exhibit responsible financial behavior. For example…

  • January 2015: 70% of women in the eHealth study were more attracted to men with health insurance because those men were more financially responsible.
  • January 2015: 68% of the men in eHealth’s study made the same argument; they’re more attracted to people with health insurance because they assume they’re more fiscally responsible.
  • January 2015: A Citi Double Cash credit card4 study finds  78% of adults in committed relationships prefer partners who are good with money over partners who are physically attractive.
  • January 2015: AARP5 reports that 85% of Americans ages 45 or older have skipped romantic getaways for the last 2 years, with cost being one of the primary reasons why.
  • December 2014:  The American Psychological Association’s Stress in America survey6 finds that 31% of adults with partners view money as the major source of conflict in their relationship.


Advice for the lovelorn?

If you’re wondering what to do with this news, the answer is unclear. Love is a mystery and financial stability is not a panacea. But, it doesn’t hurt to be fiscally responsible, and getting insured is a good place to start. If you’re uninsured, is not a mystery. We make the enrollment process free and easy. You can’t say that about love!
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Notes 1 For more information, see eHealth’s July 7, 2011 press release. 2 For more information, see eHealth’s June 23, 2014 press release. 3 For more information, see Survey was conducted by email among over 890 eHealth customers who bought their health insurance in January and February of 2015. Not all respondents completed the survey. 4A February 5, 2015 study from the Citi Double Cash Card – 5 AARP Travel Research: Romantic Travel, December 2014: 6Full report and methodology available at          The science is shaky, but the sentiment is clear: Love means never having to say, “I missed the Obamacare enrollment deadline.”   MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – February XX, 2014 –

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