How to Avoid High Deductibles [Infographic]

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How to Avoid High Deductibles [Infographic]

Published on June 06, 2014


If your family’s health insurance deductible is larger than your savings accounts, you’re not alone. The average family has about $6,000 in savings (in 2011)1 but, under the Affordable Care Act, family deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums can go as high as $12,700. The fact is that for too many people, with or without health insurance, the lack of adequate coverage is a major concern. Two concerns we hear often in our call center are:

  1. Being unable to work: For many self-employed small business owners, their family’s income stops the minute they stop working. When they’re shopping for health insurance we often get questions about what’s available to help them when they’re unable to work.
  2. High-deductibles: As we mentioned, families with deductibles larger than their savings want to know what they can do to protect against expensive injuries.

Ways to protect against high out-of-pocket medical costs

For people concerned about high costs, adding supplemental insurance products like accident and critical illness insurance can make a lot of sense. You can find out other supplemental health insurance options through our coverage options finder tool below and also view our infographic found below for the differences in these products.
This infographic outlines differences in these supplemental products available to people who need additional coverage. supplemental insurance options infographic

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