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A Note for eHealth Members

Published on March 30, 2017


All of eHealth’s services are available 100% free to you, our customers.
This means that any health insurance plan you buy at eHealth will cost the exact same price it would if you had bought it from the insurance company or through a government insurance exchange.  We do not charge any extra amount for buying through us instead of buying directly from an insurance company or government insurance exchange.
And once you buy from eHealth, you become an eHealth member at no cost.

What does it mean to be an eHealth member?

Once you buy health insurance from eHealth, we consider you to be a member.  There is no cost for being an eHealth member. You’re just part of the family!
Put simply, it’s part of our job as your health insurance broker to be a resource for you and to serve as your health insurance advisor whenever you have questions, concerns or complaints about your coverage.
Here are some of the benefits available to you as an eHealth member:

  • Support – If you have questions about your health insurance benefits or if you need help adding a new family member to your plan, eHealth is ready to help you navigate the process. We work for you, rather than for the insurance companies, and we want you to get the most out of your coverage.
  • Advice – If your health insurance needs have changed, eHealth can offer you personal advice and assistance to make sure you’re enrolled in the best plan we can find for your medical or prescription drug needs and your budget.
  • Advocacy – If you’re concerned that a medical claim of yours was not paid properly or if the insurance company isn’t responding to your inquiries, let us know. As your licensed agent, eHealth can work on your behalf with the insurance company to help make sure that your concerns are addressed by the insurance company.
  • Updates – If eHealth is notified of big changes to your existing health insurance plan or if there’s news on health reform that may affect you, eHealth wants you to be informed. Our quarterly member newsletter can keep you up to date!
  • Community – eHealth is on social media! Follow @eHealth on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on what’s new in health insurance. Visit our online Consumer Resource Center for articles on a broad variety of health insurance topics – including news on the progress of health reform.

At eHealth, we’re passionate about your health insurance coverage and we want to make sure you have the right plan for your needs, no matter what life brings your way. Our relationship with you as an eHealth member is one that we want to foster and grow.
If you ever need assistance, you can reach us online at, on Twitter @eHealth or in our call center at 1-800-977-8860.

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