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The Popularity of Short-Term Health Insurance Is On the Rise

Published on March 11, 2016


Short Term vs Major Medical Plans Comparison Chart
As the cost of standard major medical health insurance continues to increase, short-term health insurance plans are getting more popular.
Did you know that between 2013 and 2014 the number of short-term health insurance plans sold by eHealth increased more than 130%!
To be sure, short-term plans aren’t for everyone. They don’t cover pre-existing conditions and won’t protect you from a tax penalty under Obamacare, for example. But they’re less expensive than traditional health insurance plans and they meet the temporary coverage needs of many consumers at an affordable price.
Here are the average monthly premiums for short-term health insurance plans sold through eHealth in 2015:

  • $116 was the average monthly premium for individual short-term plans
  • $283 was the average monthly premium for family short-term plans

In a recent survey of eHealth short-term customers, 72% said that the affordability of their coverage was one of the things they liked most about their short-term plans.
Apart from affordability, others buy short-term coverage because they only need temporary coverage – for example, if they’re waiting for a new employer-sponsored health insurance plan to begin.
If you or a someone you know is considering short-term coverage, eHealth has a broad range of options available from different brand-name insurers across the country.
Just remember, short-term plans typically do not provide coverage for preventive care or pre-existing medical conditions. Unlike major medical plans, it is possible to be declined for a short-term plan based on an applicant’s personal medical history.

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