Affordable Care Act

Subsidy Eligibility

Published on October 02, 2014


Subsidy Checklist – Apply Now for Free!

Refer to this checklist when applying for subsidy.


This data you enter will be used to estimate your potential subsidy, subject to certain limitations. It is an estimate from eHealth, not the federal government.
Enter the taxable income from your most recent income tax return, and adjust for changes to your income and deductions for the coming year. (Refer to the infographic below for a breakdown of modified adjusted gross income.)
Enter the number of people, including yourself, that you will claim on your tax return for income you earn in the coming year. Note that, in some cases, this may not necessarily be the same number of people who reside in your household.

Infographic on Modified Adjusted Gross Income

How to calculate modified adjusted gross income

Video on Subsidy Eligibility

This short video explains Affordable Care Act subsidy in simple terms.

What is a Subsidy?

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) provides subsidies to eligible consumers. The aim of these subsidies is to make health insurance more affordable.
What is a health insurance subsidy

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