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Updated on February 13, 2020


travel insurance

Travel insurance coverage can offer peace of mind in a wide range of situations, from travel interruptions to medical and evacuation services. While travel insurance is quite useful, it’s important for you to understand that travel insurance plans are not your traditional major medical health insurance plans, like the type of health insurance plans that most U.S. citizens carry. But if you’re aware of what travel insurance covers, you’ll see that travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your family while vacationing overseas.

When to buy travel insurance

It’s recommended that you
buy travel insurance before your travel begins. The best time to buy is when you book your trip, but you can usually purchase travel insurance up to 24 hours before departure.

How travel insurance works

Travel insurance is relatively straightforward. Usually, you pay expenses up front then file a claim for covered costs, which will in turn get reimbursed by the insurance company. 

Four reasons to get travel insurance

Here are the four important reasons to consider purchasing travel insurance:

Medical translation help
Communicating with doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators in another country can be extremely difficult. How do you make a decision about treatment if you don’t know what the doctor is saying or how much the procedure is going to cost? Travel insurance companies deploy an army of translators who can help you bridge language gaps and culture gaps so that it’s easier to get the care you need.

Long-term hospitalization
Travel insurance will help cover any immediate costs you have and negotiate that bill with your domestic insurance company on your behalf, to minimize any expenses you may incur.

Out-of-pocket costs
Medical bills can quickly reach multiple thousands of dollars, and foreign hospitals generally will not accept your American medical insurance card. Medical bills away from home are usually settled with cash or credit. Travel insurance policies typically pay your up-front costs and then negotiate reimbursement with your health insurance provider after you’re safely back in the Unites States. Be aware that most plans place a maximum dollar limit on your coverage, and many have a deductible you must pay before coverage kicks in.

Emergency family extraction
If there’s a major emergency while you’re overseas, and you need to fly home early, travel insurance plans can help you get home safely and quickly. If one of your family members is unable to return to the United State due to an injury or other medical problem, travel insurance plans will pay for the rest of the family to travel home while the remaining family member is being treated.

When planning for a trip, make sure to protect yourself from the unexpected by purchasing a travel insurance. For affordable travel insurance plans and a free personalized quote, visit our travel insurance page.

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