eHealth Uninsured Hotline for the Uninsured

Affordable Care Act

eHealth Uninsured Hotline for the Uninsured

Published on April 01, 2014


health insurance hotlineJust in time for the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period, eHealth launched an Uninsured Hotline for consumers who find themselves still without coverage.
Consumers can reach eHealth Uninsured Hotline by telephone at 877-803-2369.
Licensed agents at eHealth’s Customer Care Center staff the hotline to address questions from uninsured consumers who missed the most recent open enrollment period. Agents will be able to provide information about which qualifying life events may trigger a special enrollment period allowing people to enroll in individual or family major medical insurance.
Callers to the hotline will also be able to learn about health insurance alternatives such as short-term health insurance, understand the levels of protection as well as any limitations or restrictions that these plans provide, and find out how tax penalties under the Affordable Care Act may apply.

 Alternative health insurance options

If consumers do not experience a qualifying life event allowing them to enroll in an ACA-compliant health plan, there are other insurance products available for enrollment year-round.
These products can offer some level of protection, although they will not meet your coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act, and you may still be subject to a tax penalty. Keep in mind that it may be possible to be declined coverage for alternate forms of coverage based on your personal medical history or other risk factors. They may also not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Some alternate forms of coverage may include:

  • Short-term health insurance plans. Short-term plans typically provide coverage from 30 days up to twelve months at a time. They typically will not cover pre-existing conditions or preventive medical care but they can provide you with a limit to your financial liability for medical bills in case of hospitalization.
  • Accident insurance. Accident insurance plans provide you with a cash payout if you suffer from specific injuries. The payout is made to you rather than to your medical provider and you can use the money for whatever you choose.
  • Critical illness insurance. These plans work like accident insurance but are designed to provide you with a cash payout in case you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

To learn more about your coverage options outside of open enrollment, get quotes and compare your coverage options through eHealth today, or give us a call at the Uninsured Hotline: 877-803-2369.

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