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Do Small Businesses Have to Offer Group Dental Insurance in 2020?

Updated on January 28, 2020


Updated January 28, 2020

Do small businesses have to provide dental insurance in 2020?

When it comes to small business dental insurance, not much has changed in 2020.  Small businesses are generally not required to offer dental insurance to employees.

Although small businesses are not required to offer dental benefits to employees, you might consider several ways that small business dental benefits could help your company save money.  For instance, these kinds of benefits help attract new workers and retain current employees. Besides, you can usually deduct your costs. Don’t forget that you may also save money on your own family’s dental care with a high-quality group dental plan.

Types of small group dental plans to consider

Understanding some of the popular plan types might help you get an idea of what you’re looking for in a small business dental insurance plan:

  • Network dental plans: You can buy dental HMOs and PPOs that work in the same basic way that HMOs and PPOs do with health insurance. A dental HMO, or DHMO, will usually cost the least to buy and use, but it will have strict in-network rules. A DPPO will allow more flexibility but will usually have higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Both kinds of plans can help members and insurers save money because dentists must agree to charge negotiated rates to stay on the network.
  • Dental indemnity or structured benefit plans: These kinds of plans may not use a network at all. Instead, they may have a schedule of benefits that they will pay for each service. Plan members can use them for any dental office that accepts the plan. At the same time, the plan lacks guarantees that dentists won’t charge more than the amount that the plan will pay.
  • Dental discount plans: These kinds of small group dental plans don’t actually provide dental insurance. Instead, they function more like a network with negotiated rates that may help members save money for discounted services.

Members of any small business dental plan can expect some out-of-pocket expenses, especially for major services. On the other hand, many of these dental benefits will offer free or greatly discounted routine exams and cleanings. This benefit alone can help ensure that employees enjoy better dental hygiene and health.

How much does small business dental coverage cost in 2020?

Your small business dental plan cost will depend on factors such as:

  • group size
  • state
  • insurance provider
  • plan type

You can see by visiting eHealth’s group dental insurance page that we have plans starting from as little as $12/month, and we have over 300 plans and more than 50 dental insurance companies to choose from (the costs you see are after an employer contribution of 50%).

No matter how much small group dental plans cost, you can reduce your true costs in many ways:

  • You can usually deduct the cost of health-related expenses for employees.
  • You can ask your employees to pay a share of the premium too.
  • Use this popular benefit to help improve morale of current employees and attract new ones.

You can find a great variety of small business dental plans in your area. Lots of top dental and health insurance companies offer basic plans that have very affordable premiums to cover a variety of dental services.

As you shop for small business dental insurance, keep a couple of things in mind:

  • Note that these basic small group dental plans may not insure such expensive dental services as braces or cosmetic dentistry, but they may still offer network discounts for these kinds of things.
  • Some may also have a waiting period for more expensive services that they do cover.

As with other health insurance, you should weigh the benefits against the cost for your business and your employees. You might survey your employees to learn how much they would want to pay for better access to dentists.

What is the fastest way to find dental insurance for groups?

It only takes a few seconds to begin comparing group dental plans for your small business at eHealth. Get started right now by entering your company’s ZIP code and the amount of employees in the quote box. The number of plans that you can buy for only a few dollars a month per employee might surprise you. Besides small business dental, you can also shop for group and individual health insurance at eHealth.

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