Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan: You Have Options

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Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan: You Have Options

Published on May 24, 2018


A joint survey by Tulane and Grand Valley University found that the uninsured rate in Michigan had dropped below 10  percent this year. At the same time, many people still reported problems finding affordable health insurance in Michigan. The study blamed rising health costs, higher premiums, and lack of convenient access to medical professionals.
The right individual health insurance plan could solve these problems. Some ways to buy affordable health insurance in Michigan may include individual health plans, short term health insurance plans, and medical packages, to name a few.

Three choices for affordable health insurance in Michigan

Kaiser found that only slightly more than half of Michigan residents can count upon group health insurance from an employer. Other people have to get coverage from a public or individual health plan.
Michigan residents who don’t qualify for Medicaid or another public plan might look into these three choices for affordable health insurance in Michigan:

1. Major medical plans

Major medical (also known as ACA-compliant or Obamacare) plans have to provide certain mandated benefits. For instance, they will cover pre-existing conditions and the ten essential benefits. People who earn less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level may also qualify for a tax credit to help defray the cost. Michigan residents who qualify for subsidies may find that Obamacare plans provide them with the best way to get comprehensive and affordable health insurance in Michigan.
On the other hand, some counties have few choices for providers on the Marketplace. Also, without a substantial tax credit, many families still find that they cannot afford premiums for a family or individual health insurance plan. In addition, people can only enroll in Obamacare during Open Enrollment or when they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

2. Michigan short term health insurance

Short term health insurance won’t qualify under the Affordable Care Act for premium subsidies. It also doesn’t cover most pre-existing conditions or preventative care. It will help cover medical bills in the case of an unexpected injury or sickness. Also, insurers will typically charge much less for this kind of temporary individual health plan. Consumers can enroll online at any time, receive an instant approval, and get their policy activated within a few days.
There’s no need to wait for an enrollment period or an activation date with short-term health plans. In fact, short term health insurance in Michigan offers an excellent solution to people who are facing a coverage gap because they are between group benefits or waiting for their ACA plan to activate. While short term health insurance will not provide all of the benefits of the major medical insurance found on the ACA Marketplace, advantages of these temporary health plans may include quick enrollment, lower premiums, and adequate protection against high medical bills.
When eHealth took a survey of their customers for short term health insurance, about half of all responders said they would not have had health insurance at all if they could not get this kind of temporary plan. Because insurers make short term health insurance affordable and easy to get, it offers a way to get affordable health insurance in Michigan for temporary needs.

3. Medical Coverage Packages

Another option for affordable health insurance in Michigan might be a medical insurance package. Consumers buy a bundle of different kinds of protection that can help protect them against high medical bills in the event of an unexpected injury or accident. Some examples of the kinds of benefits that these packages offer could include short term health insurance, accident or hospital indemnity insurance, and prescription discounts.

Like short term health insurance, these packages won’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act; however, they may offer valuable protection against high medical costs for a lower premium.

Where to buy affordable health insurance in Michigan

Three choices for buying affordable health insurance in Michigan may include ACA individual health plans, medical insurance packages, or short term health insurance. At eHealth, it’s easy to access online quotes and detailed plan information about any of these individual health plans.

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