Can I Get Short Term Health Insurance in New York?

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Can I Get Short Term Health Insurance in New York?

Updated on December 07, 2019


Short term health insurance in New York is an option, and there are plenty of reasons to get this coverage. Besides being affordable, short term coverage is also easy to get, flexible, and will cover you in the case of major illness or injury so that you don’t end up drowning in medical bills.

The affordability of short term coverage is valuable to many individuals  

Short term coverage is, in most cases, much more affordable than major medical plans (plans approved by the ACA) on the individual health insurance market.

In fact, the average ACA-approved plan for an unsubsidized individual is 244% more expensive than the average short term plan.

This is probably, in part, why 27% of respondents to an eHealth survey stated that they enrolled in a short term health plan because it was more affordable than their other options for coverage.

What’s so great about short term health insurance in New York

Besides being more affordable than other options, short term health insurance in New York has plenty of traits you can benefits from:

  • Quickness—the application and approval process is very short, and coverage for short term coverage could begin in as little as a few days, depending on the insurance company you buy from.
  • Flexibility—open enrollment for individual plans only happens once a year, and after that, there is no chance to enroll until the next year. With short term plans, you have the flexibility to apply and re-apply throughout the year.
  • Coverage for emergency related issues—you can feel safe, both in a medical and financial sense, with short term health insurance in New York. With a short term plan, you can avoid financial ruin in the case of serious medical emergencies. These plans usually cover such services as:
    • Outpatient doctor visits for emergency care
    • Hospital stays
    • Surgeries
    • Emergency related x-rays
    • Emergency related lab work

As with almost all insurance plans, you’ll need to meet your deductible before insurance starts sharing costs, but by having this type of coverage, you’re ensuring that all medical bills won’t fall on your shoulder in the case of a serious medical illness or injury.

When does short term coverage in New York make sense?

Short term coverage was originally intended to be a temporary for short periods of time, but perhaps due to instability in the market, short term plans have become coverage that people rely on for a variety of reasons.

Some reasons why people may need short term coverage may include:

  • Loss of employer-sponsored health insurance through a job
  • Divorce from a spouse with coverage
  • Aging out of a parent’s family health insurance plan
  • Having a gap in coverage while waiting for Medicare eligibility
  • Missing the Open Enrollment Period
  • Needing very quick proof of coverage for a special activity (short term does not count as proof of health insurance for tax purposes)
  • Losing your original coverage due to failure to pay premiums
  • Being unable to afford ACA-compliant, major medical health insurance plans

There are plenty of reasons why short term plans work great for some people, but they may not right for everyone due to certain limitations (such as not covering preventative services, having high deductibles, or rejecting applicants based on pre-existing conditions). All plans are different, so be sure to check plan specifics before enrolling to make sure you understand all the benefits that will be included.

Where to get short term health insurance in New York

eHealth has plenty of short term plans, and you can shop based on your area. Use our handy tools and free instant quotes to see what is available to you, and compare plans from different insurance companies.

Visit eHealth’s short term plans page to start shopping, and you can quickly be on your way to having coverage.

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