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How Do You Find Cheap Health Insurance?

Published on June 21, 2018


Whenever you make a large investment—you do the research. Right? Well  health insurance is a huge investment in your personal health and the safety of your bank account, so why not apply the same amount of research you would to an expensive car, or a luxury vacation home.

Five tips to help you find cheap health insurance

Everybody has their own healthcare needs, so cheap health insurance may mean different things to other people and other families. These tips may help you find cheap health insurance or at least, a health plan that offers you a good value.

  1. Do your research: According to a study done on American’s confidence in their knowledge of health insurance, less than half of all Americans feel confident about their ability to find suitable, cheap health insurance on their own. They don’t know which benefits they need or are worth paying for. If you feel this way, you can visit the eHealth Health Insurance Resource Center where we have plenty of information available to anyone who needs their health insurance questions answered.
  2. Start with the basics: According to the same study, four percent of all Americans could not define some of the most basic health insurance terms. Before you can confidently compare high-priced or cheap health insurance, you’d better understand what terms like copayments, deductibles, coinsurance, exclusions, and out-of-pocket limits mean. For example, one company might appear to offer you cheap health insurance until you look closer and realize that they don’t provide coverage for an expensive healthcare service that you are likely to rely upon. Being able to recognize what a plan offers compared to how much it costs might end up saving more money than just picking the cheapest health insurance plan.
  3. Shop the market: Just as you probably research different models and brand of cars before you settle on one, you should also shop various markets for health insurance. If you just compare options on the government’s ACA Marketplace or the website of one insurance company, you’ll limit yourself more than should. Here at eHealth, we bring multiple markets together all on one website, so you can learn about many different kinds of insurance policies from a variety of top insurance companies.
  4. Find out if you or your family members qualify for subsidies: If you do qualify for subsidies, you might have the chance to access cheap health insurance with very good benefits. Qualification for different sources of premium assistance can depend upon many factors, but you can rely upon eHealth to help you understand health insurance subsidies and many other important topics. In fact, most people don’t even have to leave our website in order to get government subsidies—although the money does come from the government, we act as your middle man, and make the work easy on you! You can learn more about whether or not you’ll qualify for subsidies here.
  5. Consider health insurance alternatives: Sometimes, you can’t afford major medical insurance, have to wait until Open Enrollment (the annual period when individuals can enroll in plans), or are simply between coverage from jobs. You can still compare a variety of health insurance alternatives right here at eHealth, so you and your family don’t have to make do with no health benefits at all. Some of these cheap health insurance alternatives may not offer all of the coverage or guarantees that more comprehensive policies will provide; however, they may work well for your current situation.

Search for the best health plan for you and your family today

You can compare quotes for all different kinds of health insurance on eHealth. This includes Obamacare, small business plans, and even some alternative health insurance policies. More than that, this site offers you a wealth of research to help you understand what you need and how much it will cost you. If you need more help, you are welcome to call to speak with a licensed insurance broker.

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