Options for Affordable Health Insurance in Ohio

Individual and Family

Options for Affordable Health Insurance in Ohio

Published on May 22, 2018


If you are in the market for an individual or family health insurance plan, it may seem like there are no affordable options these days. With Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans rising every year, many people, especially those who don’t qualify for subsidies, may be faced with going uninsured for the year.

There are options for affordable health insurance in Ohio

Luckily—there’s good news for those seeking affordable health insurance in Ohio: you do have options that won’t break your bank. For some, affordable health insurance in Ohio just means shopping in the right places and comparing quotes on a variety of plans, and for others it means finding affordable alternatives to ACA plans. Either way, eHealth is here to be your advocate and let you know about the options available to you.

Shopping and comparing quotes for affordable health insurance in Ohio

For some folks, finding affordable health insurance is simply a matter of shopping in the right places. Much like with any big purchases, people look in many places and at many different options before choosing what they are going to purchase. It should be no different with your individual health insurance plan.
eHealth is an excellent place to find an affordable individual health insurance plan in any state. Not only do we host a wide variety of plans from different companies, but we provide tools that help you decide what coverage is best for your needs, refine searches to plans available in your area, and give access to free quotes so you can compare prices on different plans.
If an individual plan with fully-packed benefits, like the ten essential benefits is what you want, you can rest assured that eHealth has plenty of options to choose from, and you’ll be able to clearly see what the most affordable option is for you.

Affordable health insurance in Ohio: Alternatives like short term coverage are a solution for some  

Many people have found the right affordable coverage for themselves or their families by looking at alternative options to major medical care (ACA-compliant coverage). The good news for people who want this type of coverage, is that in 2019 the fine associated with the individual mandate will no longer apply, so those who don’t want ACA-compliant coverage will not face fines when tax season comes around.
Recent eHealth studies have shown that there is a large population of consumers who are purchasing short term health insurance both as a way to get by, and due to rising prices on ACA plans.
A significant 27% of respondents to our survey reported getting short term health insurance due to the unaffordability of other options. In fact, when it comes to comparing prices on short term health insurance versus ACA-compliant plans, the premiums of ACA plans were 244% higher than the average short term health insurance plan bought on eHealth. In Ohio, the average short term health insurance plan cost $84 a month, whereas the average ACA-compliant plan bought on eHealth in 2017 was $378 a month.
Some other alternatives for affordable health insurance in Ohio include:

  • Medical insurance packages
  • Catastrophic coverage
  • Healthcare sharing organizations
  • Medical indemnity insurance
  • Gap insurance

All of these are available for purchase on eHealth.com, so read up on what they offer and make sure you know the plan details before enrolling in one of these plans.
Each plan has its own terms and limitations, so be sure to check the official plan documents to understand how that specific plan works.  This article is only for general education.

We’ll let you know when we publish anything new.