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Short Term Health Insurance in Texas May be Your Answer to Affordable Health Insurance

Published on May 21, 2018


Affordable Health Insurance in Texas: could short term be your answer to getting coverage?

Are you looking for affordable individual health insurance in Texas, and wondering what your options are? You’re not alone—for many people shopping on the individual market, finding affordable health insurance has become harder and harder. With the rising cost of Affordable Car Act (ACA)-compliant coverage, some people may even be finding themselves incapable of purchasing an insurance plan.
On the other hand, eHealth analysis shows that short term prices have remained relatively steady throughout the past few years, unlike the rapidly increasing prices of ACA coverage. On average, unsubsidized eHealth customers paid $378 per month for ACA-compliant individual plans. Average premiums for short term health insurance in Texas have premiums of $124 and deductibles of $4,876. To put things into perspective, ACA-compliant coverage found on eHealth is 244% percent higher than the average premium for short term coverage.

What does short term health insurance in Texas look like?

Some of the basic benefits of short term health insurance in Texas include:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Fast Approval
  • Coverage for emergency services
  • Available to enroll in year-round

Although short term coverage does not include the ten essential benefits of ACA-compliant individual health insurance plans, it serves as a great way to get nearly immediate coverage that is affordable, flexible, and will protect you from racking up medical bills in the case of serious illness or injury.
Some examples of emergency-related services and treatments covered by short term plans in Texas include:

  • Outpatient visits to a doctor
  • Emergency room visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Related x-rays and laboratory services

If you have a serious illness or injury, short term health insurance will kick in once you meet your deductible so that the cost of your medical expenses will be shared between you and your insurance provider.

Who might want to buy short term health insurance in Texas?

Short term health insurance is a great, affordable option for many. Some specific cases in which a short term plan in Texas might be the right choice include:

  • Having a gap in coverage due to loss of job, divorce, or aging out of a parent’s plan
  • Waiting for Medicare to kick in
  • Needing proof of health insurance coverage for a special activity or trip (short term will not count as ACA-compliant insurance for tax purposes)
  • Being unable to afford an individual plan on the Marketplace, or health insurance elsewhere

There are many cases in which short term health insurance in Texas is a great option besides these reasons.

More on short term health insurance in Texas

Although this type of coverage was originally intended for short periods of time, eHealth studies found that many people who enrolled in short term average did it because they couldn’t afford normal coverage. In fact, 27% of respondents said they got short term insurance because it was more affordable, and 51% responded that they simply would not have health insurance without the availability of short term plans according to an eHealth survey.
These statistics show that there is a great need for this affordable, temporary plan, with many people relying on it as their health insurance coverage. Additionally, there is a consumer desire for the limit on short term plans to be extended, shown by the 69% of eHealth survey respondents who said they would buy a short term plan that lasted longer than 90 days if it was available to them.

The future of short term coverage

In 2019, the tax penalty applied to those without ACA-compliant health insurance will no longer be applicable. This means, if you choose to get short term health insurance, you will not face fines when tax season comes around. This change in policy may mean more consumers choosing non-compliant plans that are more affordable and flexible.
Additionally, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Trump Administration has published a proposal seeking to amend the limit on short term plans—meaning plans could possibly extend to any period of time less than a year, adding longevity to the list of benefits of short term coverage.
This article is for general information and may not be updated after publication.
If you decide that short term coverage is the right type of health insurance for you, visit eHealth to find valuable tools and free quotes on short term plans.

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