5 Affordable Perk Ideas to Win Over Employees

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5 Affordable Perk Ideas to Win Over Employees

Published on December 15, 2018


The philosophy isn’t new – employees who are appreciated are more engaged at work. Even if you don’t have the extra cash for lavish gifts, you can still do nice things for your employees without breaking the bank. Here are 5 low cost ideas to create a happy team!

Flexible schedule

Work-life balance is important to everyone. With family obligations and personal activities, juggling working hours and spending time with loved ones is sometimes challenging. If employees have tasks that can be done remotely, let them work from home once in a while. Or, have them swap working days. Allowing employees a bit of flexibility to accommodate personal matters is one of the top perks you can offer.

Free food

One of the simplest and easiest perks to offer. Regularly bringing in treats and healthy snacks for the week is a great way to keep staff energized and appreciated. Another idea is monthly team lunch. This can promote camaraderie and team bonding.

Paid off birthdays

Give your employees their birthday off. This doesn’t cost a thing and your employee will appreciate not having to work on their special day.

Free stuff & gift cards

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gift cards, concert tickets, or movie tickets. If your employee works extra hours to get a project done or had the most sales that month, show your appreciation for that hard work with a gift card or free event.

Early finish Fridays

Most of the time, meetings and projects are winding down for the week on Fridays anyways, so why not let your staff leave an hour or so early to get their weekend off to a great start? Employees will appreciate the early release after a long work week.

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