How to Get Cheap Health Insurance for Small Businesses

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How to Get Cheap Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Published on March 26, 2018


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost half of America gets health insurance coverage from their employer. These people are probably benefitting from perks including:

  • Premiums split between themselves and the employer
  • Easy options—the employer usually offers a few different plans, and employees get to choose from the selection
  • Price of premium is taken out of their paycheck—this decreases their taxable income

Although there are plenty of great options for individual and family health insurance out there, your employees would likely appreciate a group health insurance plan to join. See how you can get a cheap health insurance plan that offers great benefits for you and your employees. Shopping for health insurance coverage does not have to be hard, especially when you use eHealth’s easy online process.

How to find cheap health insurance

Although you may not be required to offer health insurance as a small business, there are a great amount of reasons to offer health insurance. There are also a lot of options out there for cheap health insurance that will get you and your employees great health insurance coverage.
Remember that, each plan has its own terms and limitations, so be sure to check the official plan documents to understand how that specific plan works. This article is only for general education.

Does cheap health insurance still provide quality coverage?

You can find plenty of affordable options for health insurance that still provide you and your employees with quality health insurance coverage. We all know that health insurance is no good if you can’t afford it—staying within your budget is necessary. So don’t worry about buying the most expensive health insurance that you can find. There are some ways, other than choosing an affordable group plan, which can help you save on health insurance costs for your small business

  1. Shop all over the place. Going into your local insurance agency will probably give you a nice, personal interaction with an insurance agent. But this doesn’t exactly result in the cheapest plan you can get. Shopping through a health insurance broker lets you see all different kinds of plans from several insurance companies.
  2. Compare costs. While you’re already shopping for plans all over the place, you should be getting quotes and comparing what each plan offers. Remember, a plan that has the smallest sticker price might not be the one that ends up saving you and your employees the most money. Premiums are just one cost with health insurance, and it’s the price that people tend to pay attention to the most. However, this is the cost that you will be splitting with your employees if you decide to contribute, so it’s a good number to pay attention to as the employer.
  3. Time is money! Your small business is probably no stranger to this rule. Wasting several days dealing with getting a group health insurance plan is not the best way to go about getting cheap health insurance. Although it might seem like the easy choice to go meet with someone face to face, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you can get a quality, cheap health insurance plan online. eHealth has a streamlined process that you can complete entirely online, and you will be guided step-by-step on organizing everything in order to submit your enrollment to the insurance company.

How can one person do all this research to get cheap health insurance?

You can spend your time wisely, and still find a great, cheap health insurance. You can use eHealth to find the best cheap health insurance coverage for small businesses. On eHealth you will benefit from having access to quotes on plans from over 180 different companies. In addition, once you choose a plan that’s right for your company, our streamlined enrollment process will help you gather all the correct information, so that your application can be neatly sent to the insurance company, and you will have coverage in no time!

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