How to Get Small Business Health Insurance in Oklahoma

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How to Get Small Business Health Insurance in Oklahoma

Published on June 07, 2018


Updated July 30, 2019
If you’re looking for details on small business health insurance in Oklahoma, eHealth has got your back. Visit our page dedicated solely to Oklahoma small business health insurance where you can learn about qualifying for the small business tax credit, get quotes on group health plans in your area, and find resources for Oklahoma small businesses.
If you’re not sold on getting a group plan yet for your small businesses, let’s talk some more about why small business health insurance in Oklahoma is a great coverage option, and how to get it.

Small businesses in Oklahoma—you have support

As small businesses, perhaps especially small businesses just starting up or running with just a few employees, it’s important to have a quality support system. eHealth is proud to be part of your support as a small business in Oklahoma. We strive to offer you the best resources when it comes to finding group coverage in Oklahoma.
After you’ve found a group plan that suits your small business, you may also need support in other ways, which eHealth is happy to lead you to. You’ll find that the Small Business Administration offers resources in Oklahoma such as financial assistance through loans from local lenders, free counseling and advice, training events throughout the district, and special assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged business owners.

Why is small business health insurance in Oklahoma a great opportunity?

Recent eHealth studies have found yet again that group health insurance plans tend to be more affordable per individual. This means you would be providing your employees with health benefits that are likely cheaper than what they’d find on the individual market.
While cheaper premiums are a huge advantage for employees, Oklahoma small business employers may also find that group health plans also benefit them in several ways:

  • Opportunity to qualify for the small business tax credit
  • Better chance for employee retention and hiring
  • Happier employees and healthier work environment

Although there is no guarantee that getting small business health insurance in Oklahoma will help you hire and retain better employees, and foster a positive work environment, studies have shown that employees value health benefits even more than raises. By offering your employees the support and benefits that lead to healthier more secure lives, you are showing them their worth. It’s possible that this action, in turn, will benefit your small Oklahoma business as a whole. And if that’s not enough of a reason to offer health insurance, you’ll be happy to find that you could save by qualifying for the small business tax credit.

What types of group health insurance plans are there in Oklahoma?

There are many different types of plans, and an employer can even choose to offer more than one plan type for their employees to pick from. Some popular plan types for small business health insurance in Oklahoma include:

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans
  • EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) plans
  • POS (Point of Service) plans

How to get small business health insurance in Oklahoma

Finding group coverage with eHealth is a breeze—we offer you the tools and resources to find the plans that work for your small business. After you’ve used our free quotes and searched group plans in your area, we’ll help you through the application and enrollment process, so you don’t have to navigate dealing with the insurance company on your own.
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