Should I Go Through a Health Insurance Agent to Buy Insurance?

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Should I Go Through a Health Insurance Agent to Buy Insurance?

Published on January 05, 2018


Finding health insurance for your small business can be a huge project—you want to find the right amount of coverage for you, your employees and their families, but it needs to be in your price range. You may find it easier to work with an experienced health insurance agent to help you understand coverage details and navigate the options.
If you want to know about the roles of the health insurance agent and health-care broker, and fully understand what they can do for you, read up on health insurance agents on eHealth’s resources.

Why use a health insurance agent when shopping for insurance?

Unlike a car salesman, a health insurance agent is not here to haggle down prices and try and scam you into buying that expensive, bright green convertible that’s been sitting on the lot for far too long.
Since the costs of insurance plans are fixed by government regulations—a health-care broker can’t cut prices for you—the advantage of working with an agent is that he or she does all the navigating for you. They can help you find the right plan that suits your coverage needs and your budget.
If you buy a plan with the help of a health insurance agent, his or her services do not cost you anything, so you can probably trust that the agent has no incentive to favor one plan over the other, or one company over the other.

 Choosing a health insurance agent

If you choose an agent who works for a health insurance broker (like eHealth), then that broker will be helping you find plans from several different insurance companies.
If you choose an agent from a specific company, he or she will only be trained or allowed to sell you plans from the health insurance company she works for.
Deciding which type of agent you want to use (a health insurance broker able to work with multiple insurance companies, or one employed by a single health insurance company) will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you know that you want to buy from a certain insurance company, it might be best to go straight to them. But if you want to shop around everywhere for the right plan for you, you may want to go through a health insurance broker who employs health insurance agents who can help you buy plans from a variety of providers.
Knowing what to look for in a health insurance agent can also help you choose someone to work with for your small business insurance needs:

  • Licensing- Health insurance agents should be licensed in the state they are selling insurance in. This includes passing a state exam in order to sell insurance
  • Credentials- Some agents may have additional credentials which may suggest more experience or additional training. You will see credentials represented by letters after the agent or broker’s name.
  • Company’s Integrity- Do some research on the company the agent works for. Are they financially stable? Do they have good reviews? Have they insured a lot of people?
  • Personality – It’s important to feel comfortable with the person you’ll discuss personal information with, and from whom you’ll buy an insurance plan for your small business.

If you decide to go through a health insurance agent to buy your small business insurance, eHealth’s licensed insurance agents are here to help. Call anytime during business hours to speak with a licensed health insurance agent, and expect to have an advocate through of our agents, who will continue to help deal with insurance companies for you, as long as you are covered. Hours are Mon-Fri, 9 AM-7 PM EST and our phone number is 1-844-229-4337.

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