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Recognizing Small Business Month at eHealth

Updated on December 02, 2019


Since 1963, the United States has recognized small businesses and small business owners during the month of May. Although there’s only one month out of the year that’s considered National Small Business Month, here at eHealth, we show our appreciation for small business owners all year round by providing the high quality small business health insurance services we believe all small business owners deserve.

Where it all began: small businesses in America 

Up until around the end of the 19th century, small businesses were all we had—but as America itself grew, so did its businesses. As important as it is to move forward and improve (our businesses and our country alike), it is also important to remember our roots and appreciate where we came from.

Clothes, groceries, novelty items, raw materials—all of this was bought from small businesses at the dawn of America’s existence. Just as America had to start somewhere as a new country, so does any business. So whether you own a small business you intend to keep small and local, have an online store shipping to every country, or you hope to become a “big” business one day—you deserve to get the recognition and appreciation you need to keep striving towards your business goals.

Why we recognize small businesses

In America, we consider ourselves the land of opportunity, which means everybody should have a chance at making a name for himself or herself. It’s the 2-person operations, out-of-the garage businesses, and the locally sourced small shops that have turned out to become some of the biggest industry-leaders we know today. And it’s the shops, restaurants, service-providers who choose to remain small, and whose owners and employees know the names of all their customers that make every town a unique and quaint place to live.

It may seem like a major feat to stay afloat and stay profitable when competing against multi-billion dollar corporations for business, which is why eHealth believes it’s necessary to do our part by offering excellent small business health insurance for those who decide to offer group coverage.

How eHealth supports small businesses

Here at eHealth, we show our appreciation to small businesses by making small business health insurance easy and affordable. By purchasing your health insurance plan online with us, you’ll receive:

  • Year round support for any question/issues you have with the insurance company you bought from or the insurance plan
  • Relationships with brokers who specialize in small business health insurance
  • Tools to help search for plans in your area
  • Access to quotes from a wide range of insurance companies and plan types in your area
  • Clear outlines of what each small business health insurance plan offers
  • Access to our 24/7 chat function, in case you have questions

Bottom line: eHealth is here for small businesses, and we believe in doing our part in helping them succeed by making small business health insurance possible for anyone who qualifies and who wants it. With our wide variety of specialized services for small business owners of all types, we seek to do our part, year-round, in helping out the small businesses in communities all over the country.

How does having group health insurance support small businesses?

eHealth makes getting group health insurance easy and affordable, but you may be asking what that even means, and if it’s worth anything at all?

It turns out, health insurance benefits are pretty valuable, especially since prices on the individual market have been rising for a long time. Without access to a group health insurance plan, employees of a small business may have to buy plans on the individual market, which could be unaffordable for them.

Providing health insurance to employees can be a huge deal (for employees and employers alike), even for small businesses that only have a few employees. With small business—also called group health insurance plans—you can benefit from:

  • Cheaper health insurance premiums per individual
  • Health insurance coverage for yourself, as the owner
  • Tax incentives, like the small business health insurance tax credit
  • Higher rate of employee retention, and better chance of hiring in quality workers
  • Access to health care services, both emergency and preventative—which could mean healthier employees, and less sick days

Every month is Small Business Month at eHealth

As another Small Business Month comes around, we enjoy being able to show our continuous support for small businesses of all different kinds, and eHealth looks forward to helping future small businesses find the right coverage for their employees.

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