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Why Shop eHealth for Small Business Health Insurance?

Updated on November 29, 2019


Why Shop eHealth for Small Business Health Insurance?

Health care in America is complicated…

Picking the right health insurance plan for your small business could make things easier. You know what you NEED from a small business health insurance plan…

BUT finding a plan that actually meets YOUR needs AND the needs of employees, can be hard.

That’s why we created eHealth for small businesses.

At no cost to you, our web site and our team of licensed health insurance agents will research health insurance plans for you from up to FIVE DIFFERENT insurance companies in your area.

They’ll help you compare plans offered by different insurers based on the things that matter to you, like

  • Monthly Premiums
  • Annual Deductibles
  • And Co-pays
  • As well as doctor and hospital networks

We’ll share those comparisons with you, so you can do your own analysis, and make a recommendation for you, based on your specific needs.

Once you’re ready to enroll, our dedicated service staff will manage all the paperwork for you.

We’ll make sure all of your applications are filled out correctly, and we’ll manage the application process with the insurance company, so we can get you, and your team covered, as quickly as possible.

If it sounds too good to be true, it gets better – when you buy health insurance through eHealth, you get all of our services at no cost to you – that’s right!

If you bought the same plan, directly from the insurance company, you’d pay the exact same price.

That’s because, by law, the price of a health insurance plan, must be the same no matter where you buy it.

Your team’s health is important to you. Getting your team into the right health plan is important to us.

If you need health insurance, or you’re unhappy with the plan you have today, let our team at eHealth help you find something better. – We make health insurance easy.

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