Small Business Employee Application

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Small Business Employee Application

Published on July 12, 2018


Getting small business health insurance can be quick and easy when you use eHealth. The application should take about 15 minutes.

Who’s joining your small business health insurance plan?

The enrollee section will allow all of you and your employees to opt in or opt out of coverage. You will be asked about yourself and your dependents. For your employees, all you have to do is provide their email addresses and the rest is up to them, but keep in mind you cannot fully submit your application until all employee applications are completed. As the employer you can select how much you want the business to contribute to your employee’s premiums. In most states you must contribute 50%.

Let your employees accept coverage with a few clicks

It is very important that your employees open the email that we send them. The email contains a link to the quick and mobile friendly application. The employee will need to click through the email, enter their name and DOB, and the next page will give them the option to opt in or out of health insurance coverage.
After you have provided all necessary information and documents, you will review final rates, provide your payment and eSign. You will have an Account Manager who will reach out to you once your application is submitted and guide you through what happens next.

We’ll let you know when we publish anything new.