Where to Find Group Health Insurance Quotes

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Where to Find Group Health Insurance Quotes

Published on April 05, 2019


Updated August 2, 2019

Getting started with group health insurance quotes

A group health insurance plan is a health insurance policy that small businesses can provide to their employees. You can find free quotes for group health insurance online at licensed health care marketplace websites like eHealth.

What is a health insurance quote?

A quote is a price for health insurance offered by a licensed broker. No matter where you buy a group health insurance plan, you will pay the same premiums and plan costs for the same plan. This is because prices for health insurance are filed with state authorities annually, meaning that a health insurance plan cannot be sold for a price other than the officially filed price.
As a result, you will not receive a discount if you decide to buy directly from an insurance company. Instead, by going to eHealth’s online marketplace, you can ensure that you find quotes from the full range of health plan pricing options offered by multiple companies.

What is a group health insurance quote?

Group health insurance quotes are for small businesses with less than 50 full-time or full-time equivalent employees. Typically, group health insurance is a single policy that provides coverage for the entirety of the company’s employees and potentially their dependents.
On average, group health insurance often costs less than individual health insurance, since risks are spread across the entire group of employees. A 2018 eHealth study found that the average premium for small group health insurance was $409 per month in 2018, compared to $440 for an individual plan. The study also found that small group health plans had an average deductible of $3,140 per year, versus $4,578 for individual plans.

Source: eHealth 2018 Small Business Health Insurance Report

It’s free to get quotes for small business health insurance plans

The value of getting free quotes is that you can easily compare different plans against each other, weighing the pros and cons of each one.

  • Affordable – By adjusting deductible and copayment options for group health insurance plan quotes, you can more easily find affordable monthly premiums for your employees.
  • No Obligation – You are under no obligation to purchase small business health insurance when you get free group health insurance quotes. Also, you are not locked into paying for an insurance plan during this process.
  • Cost Savings – Evaluating multiple insurance companies through quotes empowers you to save money and find the best solution for your budget, needs, and preferences.

The benefits of using eHealth to find group health insurance plan quotes

Visiting eHealth lets you quickly enter information like your zip code and the number of employees with your small business before providing you with group health insurance quotes in just seconds.

  • Easy Comparison – Using eHealth allows you to search for group plans from many different health insurance companies, which you would not be able to do if you were shopping on a specific company’s site. eHealth gives you all the information you need to compare and contrast group health insurance quotes from a variety of reputable companies.
  • No Brokerage Fees – eHealth does not charge any brokerage fees, so you can be confident that you are getting the best group health insurance quotes for your small business. The plans you see at eHealth cost the same as plans elsewhere, as required by law.
  • One Stop Shopping – With eHealth, all your options are conveniently located in one place. You can browse through group health insurance quotes, consider the advantages of plans offered by each company, and even find out if you qualify for the small business health care tax credit, all without leaving the eHealth website.

Licensed agents can help clarify group quotes

eHealth’s licensed brokers can help you find group quotes from different insurance companies in your area. And if you decide to buy a group health insurance plan through eHealth, you will have access to personalized support and unbiased advice from a licensed agent during the entire time you have your group plan coverage, with no additional cost to you.
It is important to note that the final premium you will pay for group health insurance may change based on your finalized employee count, as well as other considerations unique to your situation. So, looking for group quotes online should be your starting point, followed by working with a licensed agent to provide more refined quotes that give you a better sense of what your final costs may be.
eHealth makes it easy to find group health insurance quotes that fit your budget and preferences. Contact us 24/7 by email, phone, or by using our convenient online chat function, and receive the information you need to choose the best group health insurance for your business.
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