Student Health Insurance

School-Sponsored Health Insurance Plans

Updated on February 12, 2020


What is a school-sponsored health insurance plan?

Certain colleges and universities require students to have health insurance coverage. Many schools offer a school-sponsored health insurance plan that the student can sign up for.

In many cases, if  students decline the school-sponsored health insurance plan, they must provide proof of comparable coverage under another health insurance plan. Students who choose not to enroll in a school-sponsored plan may find coverage under their parents’ plan or by purchasing their own individual health insurance plan.

How does a school-sponsored health insurance plan work?

Students usually sign up for a school-sponsored health insurance plan upon admission or when they pay their tuition for the semester. Medical services are often rendered on campus, and the plan premium could be relatively affordable.

However, not all school-sponsored plans cover medical services rendered off campus, and if you drop credit hours or graduate, you may lose your coverage. It’s important to look into all your health insurance options before signing up for a school-sponsored health insurance plan. There may be very affordable individual or student health insurance plans available in your area.

How do I sign up for my school’s health plan?

Contact your school’s student resources office to get more information on signing up for your school’s health plan.

What are my student health insurance options?

Read eHealthInsurance’s Health Insurance 101: A step-by-step buyers guide for college students and recent graduates to learn more about alternatives to participating in your school’s health plan.

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