Answers to common questions about short-term health insurance

What if I'm declined when I apply for short-term coverage?

Unlike major medical health insurance, it is possible to be declined for short-term coverage based on your medical history. If you are declined, a licensed agent can help you understand what other options may still be open to you.

How do I use my short-term plan?

If your plan has a provider network, any doctor in the plan's network should accept your card. Contact the insurer or your licensed agent if you have a problem. If your plan does not have a provider network, you should be able to see almost any doctor you like. However, you'll typically need to submit your medical bills to the health insurance company for reimbursement. In this case, you may need to set up a payment plan or defer payment with the doctor until your claim is reimbursed.

How do I know if my doctor accepts my plan?

Some short-term plans limit you to specific doctor networks, but many don't. If you have a preferred doctor, look up your doctor to see if he or she is part of the plan's network before you apply. Call the doctor's office to confirm that they are in-network for your particular plan.

How do I cancel my short-term coverage?

When you apply for short-term coverage you will typically indicate how long you want your coverage to continue, after which it will cancel automatically. If you need to cancel early, contact the insurance company or your licensed agent and let them know.

What if I need to extend my coverage at the end of my term?

If you want to extend your short-term coverage you will typically be required to apply again at the end of your current term. If you want to re-apply for coverage under the same short-term plan, note that you may be limited to two or three consecutive terms only. Some insurers may allow you to apply for multiple consecutive terms (up to 36 months in total) with a single application. While you won't have to re-qualify between policies, you may still be subject to pre-existing condition limitations. Be sure you understand these limitations before applying – ask a licensed agent for help if needed.

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