Comparing Your Options

Five key criteria to help guide your decision on purchasing health insurance:

You may find an almost overwhelming selection of health insurance companies and plans to choose from. Consider the following five criteria to help you determine which plans best match your personal needs.

  1. Health benefits: Which plans provide the must-have benefits you’ve identified at a level that’s affordable for you?
  2. Costs: Which plans fall within your budget when it comes to premium, deductible, co-payments and coinsurance? Consider an HSA–eligible high deductible plan if your primary requirement is a low monthly premium and the opportunity to save money when paying for medical care.
  3. Physician network: Do you have a favorite doctor you want to keep? Which plans does he or she accept? At, you can use our tools to see only those plans that are accepted by your doctor.
  4. Prescription drug coverage: Not all drugs are covered by all plans; the coverage can vary from one plan to another. eHealth can show you which plan will save you most on your prescription drugs.
  5. Brand: Are there brand-name insurers that you prefer? Are there any that you avoid?

If you’re still not sure which plan is going to best meet your needs, please contact a licensed agent for assistance. eHealth’s own licensed agents and representatives can be reached by phone, email or online chat.

Getting quotes and researching your options

Before you can compare your individual and family health insurance options you’ll need to know what your choices really are. If you want to save money and make the most of your health insurance dollars, you’ll need the broadest possible view of the health plans available. By working with an authorized online marketplace like eHealth you can save time and get a selection of quotes from top insurance companies in your area.

Get free, instant health insurance quotes and advice from eHealth

eHealth makes it easy to find the right health insurance plan for your needs and budget. Unlike many other online services, eHealth won’t require you to provide lots of sensitive personal information before getting your quotes. Just go to, enter your zip code, age, gender, birth date, and smoking status to get:

  • Personalized quotes from a broad selection of top insurers
  • Side-by-side comparisons of plan rates and benefits
  • Special online tools that show you which plans are accepted by your preferred doctor and which plan could save you most on your prescription drugs
  • Personal, unbiased help from licensed agents and representatives by phone, email, or online chat

Treat yourself to the small business health coverage you deserve.

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