After You Buy Health Insurance

Once you’re approved for coverage you will receive official correspondence from the insurance company confirming the date on which your coverage will begin. After that date, and once enrollment is complete, you are welcome to begin enjoying your benefits. Look over any documents sent to you by the insurance company and contact their customer service department or your agent with any questions.

Questions about medical claims

If you or your employees have questions or concerns about how a medical claim was processed, your first step is to contact the health insurance company’s customer service department. If they are unable to assist you or you feel that they’re not addressing your concerns, you may contact your health insurance agent for help. Because of his or her relationship with the health insurance company, your agent can help you understand how your benefits work and suggest ways to clear up billing disputes.

Adding and removing covered persons

Employees may come and go, and they may need to add or remove dependents from time to time. As such, you will periodically need to make changes to the list of persons covered by your group health insurance policy. Your health insurance agent is available to help you with all these changes in a timely and effective manner.

Changes to monthly premiums and benefits

Depending on how long you keep your new coverage, you may find that the insurance company occasionally changes the monthly premium you pay for your plan. This typically happens once a year during the “open enrollment” period. They may also change your coverage levels, deductibles, or copayments. Be sure to read through the updates provided by your insurance company and contact their customer service department or your agent for more information.

Open enrollment period for group health insurance

With group health insurance, employers are typically committed to a specific plan for one year. When that anniversary approaches, you’ll enter your open enrollment period. eHealth recommends that you take a fresh look at your medical coverage once a year, prior to your open enrollment period, to make sure you still have the right plan for your needs and budget. To give your health insurance coverage a check-up, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are we paying too much for coverage?

    Get fresh health insurance quotes at least once a year to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to. A licensed broker like eHealth will often contact you when open enrollment approaches to make sure you still have the right coverage, and to offer you fresh quotes.

  • Does our current plan cover the services we need?

    If you and your employees rarely receive medical care, you may be able to find a plan with a lower monthly premium. On the other hand, if you or your employees find that you’re paying too much out of pocket for recurring medical services, you may want to consider a plan that covers these at a higher level.

  • Has the size of our business changed substantially?

    If your business grew a lot in the past year and you’ve added new employees, you may find that a single health insurance option isn’t going to meet the needs of everyone involved. As they grow, many small businesses offer second or third health insurance options for employees to choose from.

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