Web-Based Entities

WBE User Interface

There are several possibilities for WBE user interfaces, including the following:

Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE) for States

CMS has defined how WBEs will interact with the FFE. The FFE API will include HTTP redirects and web services as listed below:

  • Account creation, application submission, eligibility determination and attestations will be performed on the FFE via HTTP redirect.
  • QHP shopping, enrollment, enrollment changes and disenrollment will be performed through web services.
  • All web services will be exposed through the Data Services Hub.

Go here to view a presentation on CMS FFE and Application Interfaces.


In this model the WBE presents its own user interface, but health plan application and submission is managed via an embedded iFrame that pulls information from the state exchange's website. Using an iFrame, the state exchange's HTML code can be embedded within the WBE's site, allowing the WBE to have its own user interface for eligibility results, plan presentation and comparison but use the state exchange's interface for the remainder of the selection and enrollment process.

From the consumer's perspective, the experience of enrolling in a qualified health plan would be essentially the same, whether it takes place on the state exchange or through a state exchange page embedded in an iFrame on the WBE site.