Affordable Care Act FAQs

Q: Will health insurance cost more in 2014?

A:The answer is not easy to give. For some people costs may go up, at least in the short-term. For others costs may go dow... Learn more

Q: How does Obamacare affect my HSA?

A:The Affordable Care Act did make some changes to Health Savings Accounts – also called HSAs – and how they w... Learn more

Q: What happens to my current health insurance plan in 2014?

A:That will depend on when your current plan first went into effect – what we call the “effective date” ... Learn more

Q: Can I buy something else if I don’t like the Gold, Silver and Bronze plans?

A:In 2014, all major medical health insurance plans for individuals and small employers will have these new bronze, silver... Learn more

Q: Can I keep my non-grandfathered plan?

A:Whether you need to reapply in 2014, may vary from insurer to insurer. Based on what we’re hearing from insurers, they... Learn more