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Five Preventive Health Features Included in Obamacare All Moms Should Know

Updated on December 20, 2019


One of the goals of health care reform is to encourage people to invest in preventive care when they’re young, so that we (as a nation) can spend less money treating chronic health issues when people get old.

Unfortunately, it’s never easy to know when to go to the doctor. We all struggle with making the decision whether to stick it out, or seek medical care. New moms, for example, struggle with this issue all the time when their children show signs of illness but might not be able to communicate exactly what’s going on. :

The fact is that virtually all babies and kids get sick and when they do, you should never shy away from seeking help. 

But preventing long-term illness is just as important as treating immediate illnesses, which is why all moms should be aware of these five Obamacare preventive health features that are generally included at no additional cost in the new reformed plans.

1. Immunizations

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers no less than 16 major recommended immunizations for kids in their first year.  Many studies indicate that getting your child immunized will reduce his or her risk of acquiring serious diseases that could be prevented through vaccination.
Additionally, immunizing your child will help contribute to herd immunity, which prevents not only your child but other people from getting sick with serious illnesses.

2. Health screenings

Again, in your child’s first year there are at least nine screenings that doctors recommend for newborn children. These first year screenings, which are commonly referred to as “well baby visits,” include a complete physical examination and checks for normal developmental milestones.

3. Autism screenings

Getting a diagnoses for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult and expensive if you have to pay for it on your own. But many doctors agree that early detection is critical, which is why the ACA provides free screenings for developmental delays and disabilities during a child’s well-child visits between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

4. Obesity screening and counseling

Having regular conversations and counseling with a doctor about your child’s activity levels and diet can help your child maintain a healthy height to weight balance. Doctors also indicate that this can also help defend your child against things such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

counseling with a doctor about your child’s activity levels and diet can help your child maintain a healthy height to weight balance. Doctors also indicate that this can also help defend your child against things such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

5. Vision and hearing screening for all children and newborns

All ACA-compliant health plans include free screenings for conditions like lazy eye (amblyopia) and crossed eyes (strabismus). Plans also provide hearing screening no later than one month after a child is born. And, if screening is inconclusive or children do not pass the screening, they’re typically retested after they’re three months old

6. Yearly physicals and chronic disease management

As your child gets older they will be entitled to free wellness visits like physicals, as long as they are covered under your health insurance plan. These visits help your child stay healthy as they grow and maintain their health. Additionally these visits are helpful as they are sometimes required for sports and can help diagnose chronic illnesses early. If your child does end up having a chronic illness, visits to their doctor to help manage this illness is also covered as a free service under the Affordable Care Act.

7. Well-woman visits

We can’t forget mom when it comes to free wellness services! In addition to physicals and other preventative visits, well-woman visits are also free under the ACA. These visits screen for illnesses like cervical cancer and HPV. They also help women make decisions about their reproductive health, like whether or not they want to get on birth control.

Additionally, if you have a female child they will eventually be able to go in to see their doctor for free well-woman visits as well, while they are still covered under your health insurance plan.

Using these preventative services, immunizations, and screenings that are included at no additional cost in the Obamacare plans (also called ACA, or major medical) will not only help maintain your family’s health but you’ll now be getting the most out of your health insurance policy. Understand that “free” really only means that these services are fully covered, as long as you have an ACA-compliant health insurance plan, and you are visiting in-network providers. Make sure you’re clear about the benefits and extent of coverage offered with your plan before assuming anything.

This article is for informational purposes only, and should not be a substitute for professional medical advice.  Always consult with your medical provider regarding diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a health condition.

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