Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Products and Definitions

Updated on November 15, 2019


Prior to purchasing a health plan, it’s important for you to fully understand the key terms and definitions associated with health insurance coverage.
Click on the links below for a detailed explanation of each key term.

Major Medical Health PlanShort-Term Health InsuranceHow Medicare Works
Qualified Health PlansFixed-Indemnity InsuranceMedicare Advantage Plans
Maternity Insurance CoverageCritical Illness InsuranceMedicare Supplement Plans
Life InsuranceAccident InsuranceMedicare Advantage Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limits
Small Business / Small Groups Health InsuranceInternational (travel) Health Insurance$0 Premium Medicare Advantage Plans
Health Savings AccountsStudent Health InsuranceVision Insurance
Discount Cards Dental InsuranceTravel Insurance

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