Affordable Care Act

What Are Health Insurance Marketplaces?

Published on February 12, 2019


Many people acquire health insurance through their jobs, school, or spouses. However, other individuals, such as those who are unemployed or are self-employed, need to use various health insurance marketplaces to enroll in a plan that meets their unique medical needs. In fact, in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), both private and government-run health insurance marketplaces make it easier for individuals to review plans, ask questions, and compare health insurance quotes.

What is a health insurance marketplace?

A health insurance marketplace is an incredibly valuable resource that is available for individuals, families, and small businesses as they research the best healthcare options for their unique medical needs. By visiting a health insurance marketplace, individuals can more readily complete the following tasks.

  • View and compare health insurance quotes without phone calls.
  • Discover the best individual health insurance plans based on affordability and coverage.
  • Ask questions and receive answers about the specifics on both individual and family health insurance plans.
  • Review health insurance companies to learn more about their reputation, the services they provide, and their network of local doctors.
  • Learn more about tax credits for both health programs and private insurance.
  • Enroll in a health insurance plant that is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of you (and your family).

Instead of speaking with someone on the phone, or in person, you can receive a quote in minutes by providing some basic information about yourself on an online marketplace. The latter marketplaces are often considered the “one stop shop” for finding and purchasing health insurance throughout the entire year.

Private exchanges vs public marketplaces

Essentially, a private health insurance exchange is a health insurance exchange run by a private company, and a public health insurance exchange is run by the government. The state exchanges are also considered public health insurance exchanges.
eHealth is an example of a private online marketplace, and an example of a public exchange is the government-run Marketplace. Public marketplaces such as the government Marketplace, or your state’s official exchange (if it has one) are only going to offer ACA-compliant health insurance plans, also called Obamacare, or Qualifying Health Plans (QHPs). Private marketplaces like eHealth have a wider range of options, including plans that have less benefits, but are more affordable. Luckily, on eHealth you can look at Obamacare plans (QHPs) along with off-exchange plans and major medical alternatives like short-term health insurance. You can even see if you qualify for a government subsidy and have it applied during enrollment without ever leaving eHealth’s site, since we have a proxy direct enrollment agreement with the federal marketplace.

How to find affordable health insurance using a private health insurance marketplace

Finding affordable health insurance has never been easier thanks to private health insurance markets. As discussed in the preceding section, private health insurance markets are designed to help you find individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans in minutes. You can even receive free health insurance quotes without having to speak to someone on the phone. In this vein, comparing health insurance plans offers a variety of benefits.

  • You can find the plan that best fits the current and future medical needs of you and your family.
  • You can easily weigh all of your options on one website before selecting the right plan.
  • You can choose the right plan based on affordability, coverage, flexibility, and tax credits (if applicable).
  • You can avoid spending extra money by working with a private health insurance marketplace that doesn’t have broker fees.
  • You can ensure that you (and your family) have the right health insurance plan when you need it most.

Purchasing personal health insurance is made easier when you compare health insurance quotes.

Whether you have recently started a new company or are transitioning between jobs, you don’t want to be left unprotected. By using a private health insurance marketplace you can easily compare health insurance plans so that you and your family remain protected in the event of unexpected illnesses or injuries. If you take a few moments to compare health insurance quotes, you can more easily find the plan that best fits your unique medical needs. From choosing the most affordable plan to selecting a plan with the best health insurance companies, private health insurance marketplaces, such as eHealth, make it easy for you to get free online quotes, compare plans, shop, enroll, pay, and discover if you qualify for subsidies. Don’t delay, take a few minutes to find the health plan that is right for you and your family by visiting eHealth today.

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