Affordable Health Insurance for Freelancers

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Affordable Health Insurance for Freelancers

Published on July 26, 2018


If you are a freelance worker, you’re likely not receiving health insurance from an employer. Without having the luxury of being an “employee”, and having health insurance offered by your employer, there’s a few extra steps you’ll have to take when it comes to shopping for health insurance. So whether you’re a writer, a dog walker, or anything in between, make sure you’re familiar with the health insurance plans available to you as a gig economy worker.

Shopping for health insurance for freelancers

Unlike many people who receive quality health insurance from their employers, many freelance workers will have to shop for and purchase self-employed health insurance on their own.
If you’re not that well acquainted with how health insurance works, what plans might work best for you, and how to find the most affordable options, you may be worried about choosing your own coverage.
Educating yourself on how health insurance plans work is a great place to start if you find yourself needing to shop for health insurance. The Guide to Buying Health Insurance for the Self-Employed is a great place to start if you’re a gig economy worker or self-employed individual looking for some kind of health coverage.

Research types of health insurance for freelancers

Although there is no health insurance plan created specifically for freelancers, gig economy workers, or self-employed individuals, you might find that certain health insurance plans work in you favor.
If you’re looking to save money on your health insurance costs, major medical health insurance or Obamacare might not be the right avenue to take. While these plans cover the ten essential health benefits, they also usually come at a higher price than alternative coverage options.
Some more affordable options for health insurance for freelancers include:

  • Short term health insurance. These plans are available on the individual market and have recently been the center of a lot of debate. Short term plans are often cheap, easy to apply for, and usually begin covering you within a few days. In addition to the affordability and convenience of short term health insurance plans, there has been debate over extending the length of time that people are able to stay on these plans. Read more about how short term health insurance might work specifically well for those in the gig economy.
  • Accident and Critical Illness. If you’re trying to save money and are only concerned about covering yourself in the case of emergencies, then pairing accident and critical illness insurance may be a solution to getting coverage. Combined, these two plans can protect you from medical bills associated with major accidents and illnesses. Learn more about how these plans work here.
  • Medical Indemnity Insurance. With unstable plan prices in the individual market, medical indemnity insurance might be a coverage alternative that works well for those in the gig economy. Although these plans can be used as an add-on to more traditional, major medical plans, they can also be used as a stand-alone product. To find out more about how cash payouts and medical indemnity insurance works here.

It’s important to keep in mind that these products are not the same as Obamacare plans or major medical insurance, as they don’t cover the minimum essential benefits.  Although certain insurance products only cover a limited set of health benefits, these plans are still alluring for many individuals buying their own health coverage, due to the price point.
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