Cheap Health Insurance for Gig Economy Workers

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Cheap Health Insurance for Gig Economy Workers

Published on September 11, 2018


The gig economy is liberating and constraining all at once. As an independent worker who serves clients directly, you’re free to set your own hours, create your own brand image, and do your job the way you want. But you also have to take care of many things that a boss would traditionally handle for you, chief among them: getting health insurance. Without the ability to enroll in employer coverage, it can be tough to find cheap health insurance that still covers what you need. But if you know where to look, you can overcome this obstacle and find quality, yet still cheap health insurance for the gig economy.

What options do gig economy workers have for cheap health insurance?

On the surface, it may seem nearly impossible to get cheap health insurance as a gig economy worker, and you might be considering just opting out of getting any coverage at all. But the truth is, even if you’re in good health, there are still medical emergencies to consider, which could lead to problematic medical bills. Although it takes some extra effort to purchase your own health plan, you may find that having coverage is worth its weight in gold.
The fortunate truth is that there are ways to get cheap health insurance, even if you’re buying it on your own. Some of these include getting financial help through the government, and others include expanding your options to alternative health insurance products:

  • ACA Subsidies– The government still provides tax credits to Americans who have trouble paying for health insurance. If your household income is no more than 400 percent of the federal poverty level, then you might qualify for subsidies that could significantly lower the price of your health insurance.


  • Short-Term Health Insurance– If comprehensive ACA plans won’t suffice, you might look into short-term health insurance plans. These plans are significantly cheaper on average than Obamacare ones, principally because they don’t cover as much care. And due to recent changes in healthcare regulations, it’s possible to purchase them for longer periods of time. The idea with short term health insurance is that some health insurance is better than none, but it is important to keep in mind that this coverage will not provide you with the same amount of benefits that a major medical or Obamacare plan will.
  • Catastrophic Coverage– As their name implies, catastrophic health insurance plans cover you in the event of catastrophic illnesses or injuries, such as those requiring major surgery. They are less expensive than more comprehensive plans, though this comes at the cost of a lack of access to preventative care and other treatments necessary for long-term health.

These options just represent a small portion of the health insurance products available to individuals like gig economy workers who need to purchase coverage on their own. If you want to see more options, visit eHealth and start exploring your options for cheap health insurance.
Make sure to check plan details before purchasing, as this article is just a general summary for how these products work. Your plan might be different depending on the plan or insurance company.

How to find the best cheap health insurance

There is no “best” health insurance, because this is different for every family and individual depending on budget, location, and health care needs among many other factors. A good way to find the best plan for your specific needs is by taking your time to research what options are out there and how they work to provide you with care. After you know the details of how different plans work, you can start comparing prices from different companies and plan types. With some work put into finding your own health insurance, and making sure to tap into all your resources, you may find that it’s not impossible to find cheap health insurance as a gig economy worker.
eHealth provides this vast selection of healthcare options for gig economy workers and people in all kinds of professions. For more information or to begin searching for cheap health insurance, visit our website today.
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