Products You Can Add to Your Health Insurance Plan

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Products You Can Add to Your Health Insurance Plan

Published on May 22, 2018


Shopping for health insurance open up a wide variety of options for individuals and families to choose from. You may not have known it, but there is more out there than the traditional major medical health insurance plans. In a market where some have been priced out of traditional plans offered by insurance companies, you might consider looking at the wide range of insurance products available to you.

What are insurance products?

Insurance products are different from major medical health insurance plans. They will not protect you from the individual mandate’s fee for not being insured, but they can be paired with a major medical health insurance plan in order to give you more benefits. You may hear these insurance products referred to as ancillary benefits, and they can be bought independently from a health insurance plan, or in addition to one. You can even decide to purchase a “package” of bundled together health insurance products—which is an option that might be more affordable for some individuals and families looking to get health insurance coverage that doesn’t break the bank.

What are some health insurance products that are available to buy?

  • Medical Insurance packages— These packages of bundled products are not major medical health insurance—but it doesn’t mean you won’t get comprehensive coverage. These packages are put together and are composed of a bunch of health insurance products in order to cover all the major bases. eHealth sells medical insurance packages that can help with catastrophic medical costs, out-of-pocket costs, and routine preventative costs. You can also add great benefits like telemedicine, dental, vision, and discount cards for prescriptions drugs. For some people, this option could be more affordable than purchasing a major medical health insurance plan. As a broker, eHealth makes the idea of packaging insurance products easier, by bundling the entire package with benefits from one insurance company. This will make it easier on you to file claims and reach out to your provider about any questions.
  • Dental insurance—One type of ancillary benefit you’re probably familiar with is dental coverage. This is a great benefit than many people choose to invest in. Your dental health is incredibly important. Ignoring your oral hygiene can result in a host of problems. A dental plan provides easy access to preventative dental care, which can help you and your family avoid further oral issues.
  • Vision insuranceVision insurance is one of those insurance products that you don’t think about too much until you need it. Providing yourself with vision insurance means you can enjoy coverage for eye exams with ophthalmologists and optometrists. Contacts and eyeglasses are also often included in vision insurance coverage.
  • Critical illness insurance—Having a health care plan that pays for your health care needs is only half the equation. In the event that you have a serious illness such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer, you want to make sure all those costs aren’t coming out of your pocket. This is where critical illness insurance can provide a welcome safety net. Working in conjunction with the basic health care coverage, critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum. With no copays or deductibles, this insurance product provides money for medical expenses, travel expenses and more so the insured can focus on recovery.
  • Discount cards—Discount cards are a popular way to help save money on those items that might not be covered by the base health care plan. Pharmacy and chiropractic services are two popular options that are offered with the discount card program. Best of all, there’s no limit on how often the discount cards can be used and they can be used right away. Being able to get discounts on your prescriptions drugs can be a huge benefit, and could end up saving you a great deal of money. Especially for a family or individual that requires a lot of prescription drugs, this is a great health insurance product to help save money.
  • Telemedicine—With the growth of mobile devices and the busy lives of today’s Americans, it’s natural that telemedicine has sprung up to address these changing needs. As one of the most exciting insurance products to emerge in recent years, telemedicine provides exciting benefits. They’ll receive personalized care any time of the day or night from of the comfort of their own home or right there in the office. For a small monthly fee, you can add telemedicine to your base health care plans and give them the peace of mind that is only a phone call away.

Whether your health-care plan could use some extra benefits, you want to buy a single insurance product, or you’re looking to purchase a medical insurance package, it’s good to know about the insurance products that are out there. Protecting yourself by adding additional insurance products to your base health-care plan can make your coverage even more comprehensive for reasonable prices. Visit to see what options you have for ancillary products like dental and vision, or check out the medical insurance packages we have full of valuable insurance products.

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