Small Business

3 Affordable Marketing Ideas

Updated on December 02, 2019


As a small business owner, you can’t afford to not invest in marketing your business. The key is to pick methods that will pay off in real ROI and not end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Here are three do-it-yourself marketing ideas that won’t waste your time or money.

1. Build up your online reviews

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, online reviews matter. Nowadays, most people research a company and check out reviews before making a purchase or using a service.

Start asking your best clients to rate your business or leave you a review. You can use google reviews, yelp, or even your social media pages.

To get more reviews, incentivize people with a coupon, gift card, or other small reward.

 2. Ask for referrals

This is the cheapest, and perhaps the most cost-effective way to market your business. It costs $0 and can drive a lot of new business your way.

When asking for referrals, be thoughtful about who you ask and how you ask.

  • Only ask happy, satisfied customers for referrals
  • Always provide an incentive for the person who refers you AND to the referral
  • Make it a habit to ask for referrals – it can’t hurt!
  • Don’t bug people about it – ask once or twice, but then move on
  • Follow up on referrals right away – don’t waste a hot lead

3. Utilize Social Media

Maintaining a social media presence can attract new customers and help you stay connected to existing customers. It’s free and doesn’t require too much time.

Choose a social media channel that’s relevant to your audience. You don’t need to be everywhere – you just need to be in the right place.

Try a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer that allows you to setup your posts ahead of time. This is an easy way to make sure you remain active and post regularly.

Make your posts engaging – ask questions, take polls, get reviews. Always respond to comments and build relationships with your followers.

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