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3 Ways to Get Your Business More Tweets and Likes

Updated on December 02, 2019


Based on recent studies, roughly 81% of shoppers research online prior to making a decision about a purchase. How can you make sure your online presence is noticed?  We’ve got the steps you can take to get your business in the social media spotlight.

Understand Your Audience

How do shoppers research online?

  • Search engines
  • Product price comparison
  • User reviews
  • Product overview

What stops shoppers from buying online?

  • Return policy/procedure
  • Buying experience
  • Shipping costs
  • Delivery options
  • Credit card fraud

How to motivate researchers to purchase online?

  • Help people find you
  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Identify/research key words your customers search for
  • Use these key words in product type and description
  • Incorporate and encourage social sharing

Get Specific about Your Content

Attract researchers who search for product price.

  • Highlight discounted prices
  • Offer free shipping

Help shoppers learn more about your products.

  • Provide clear product descriptions
  • Use customer reviews
  • Encourage reviews with incentivizing

Focus on Customer Experience

Create a fulfilling buying experience.

  • Display high quality product images
  • Include a video when appropriate
  • Show the product from multiple angles
  • Create a sense of scale
  • Enable zoom features

Facilitate easy comparison between products.

  • Enable easy editing cart
  • Be strategic about product navigation – male it easy
  • Provide consistent product information

Look credible and professional.

  • Create a clear, well defined shipping/return policy
  • Offer same day delivery
  • Display a security certificate
  • Offer excellent support
  • Make your contact information prominent

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